Three children’s stories that you can incorporate into your evening ritual

Have you ever read the same books to your child six times to put them to sleep at night? Here are some ideas that are sure to please your angel.

If you are a parent or hang out with children on a regular basis, you cannot ignore that escaping is difficult the evening story. If you’re lacking inspiration, here’s a selection your dear little blond will surely love.

These works were not chosen at random: they all come from the leisure school catalogue. If you’ve ever been a kid (the answer is yes), you can’t have missed it, whether at home or at school.

Greatthe podcast created by the leisure school, wants to convey to everyone how much Reading is important for the development of young people. And in case you were still in doubt, each episode is based on early childhood authors, illustrators and experts.

So here are a few titles that the little ones will discover as they please:

Talking to your child about the world around them

Three children's stories that you can incorporate into your evening ritual

The three robbers, published by the leisure school

A great classic of children’s literature from 1963 that hasn’t aged a bit. You may not be unfamiliar with the cover illustration. If your child is between six and eight years oldyou will definitely make him happy with it The three bandits by Tomi Ungerer.

Thanks to a rehearsed plan Three men terrorize anyone who crosses their path to steal their fortune. But one day, when they storm a carriage to steal what it is carrying, they face them a rather unhappy little girl of the goal.

They decide to please him and take him to their cave and prepare him a comfortable bed for the night. The next day, the child gives her the idea of ​​taking in other unfortunate or abandoned girls and boys. After all, the three robbers have enough stolen treasures to make a whole village happy…

To keep the tension the end will not be revealed, but as I’m sure you understood, this story teaches us that nothing is fixed in life. Hateful people can have good backgrounds and vice versa. The second message is that if you keep chasing something, we sometimes forget why the race started. meditate…

Talking about friendship with your child

Three children's stories that you can incorporate into your evening ritual

king jules and the dragons, published by l’école des loisirs

Friendship as a child is sometimes shaky, and it’s a bond that forms fairly quickly at that age. This is the subject of an entire episode of the podcast Great, in which we reflect on the ins and outs of childhood friendships and how to maintain that bond. And of course how she takes part in the Development of the child.

To illustrate this episode, it is the book King Jules and the Dragons by Helen Oxenbury and Peter Bently, who is chosen. The plot starts very simply, Jules, Leo and Gaspard decide to build a castle to protect themselves from dragons. The cardboard fortress is placed in the middle of Jule’s garden. This is where the fantasies of the three boys come together to create their fantasy world.

King Jules and the Dragons perfectly illustrates the stakes of a childhood friendship and Your child will have no trouble identifying with the characters. He will also be able to identify with the sadness of Jules, who is alone when his friends have to go home … A perfect book if your child is between three and six years old, they could even have the impression of participating in this wonderful epic. The perfect book to take off into dreamland.

To make your child laugh with fantastic creatures

Three children's stories that you can incorporate into your evening ritual

Elfenuhr, Editions l’école des loisirs

Pour Small children with a desire for the wonderful world, nothing better than a story about a friendly protective elf. You will always hit the mark with this sprite clock by Astrid Lindgren and Kitty Crowther. A beautiful story inspired by a Swedish Christmas poem, telling the story of a centuries-old elf who lives in the barn of a family farm.

The night, The leprechaun goes around checking if the whole family is having sweet dreams. He speaks a language that only children and animals can understand. In fact, on winter mornings, children can see the tiny footprints of the elf in the snow.

Nothing is better than a beautiful evening story for stimulate the imagination Your little ones are often fascinated by magical creatures. Don’t be surprised if you find it the next morning Your child is looking for the footprints of the elfis that this story will have had the desired effect.

This selection straight from the podcast Great consists of only three books, but each of the episodes is full of references to recital school, each more magical than the last. They will surely provide the children with beautiful moments who will have the opportunity to read these books. Enough for telling evening stories until your toddlers are thirsty.

Grand: a podcast about the impact of reading on children

The podcast consists of six episodes produced by author Brune Bottero Great enters Behind the scenes of the family publishing house l’école des loisirsSpecialist in children’s literature.

Each episode lasts approximately 45 minutes and revolves around a very specific topic such as language development in babies, fear, friendship or self-esteem in young people.

In every edition of GreatBrune Boterro meets professionals from the world of books, such as authors, documentarians and illustrators, as well as early childhood professionals and educators.

This first season of Great « The podcast that opens wide to the world of childhood and books », lets us measure the extent to which children’s literature is available Importance for child development.

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