This Woman Gives Birth to Her 6th Child Though She Thought She Was Just Bloated…

By Carole Cillec

– Posted on Apr 11, 2022 at 5:00 am
– Updated on 04/07/2022 at 15:57

In the incredible stories section, there’s this American Adrianne Grayson. She, who thought she was bloated, faced something completely unexpected.

Adrianne Grayson had no idea she was pregnant. Thought to be bloatedthe mother of the family went to the bathroom to relieve herself… But finally giving birth to a child was the beginning of the work sixth child ! This incredible pregnancy story happened on September 27th, 2021 in Dallas, Texas. Back to this completely unexpected event for the 33-year-old young woman.

Adrianne Grayson shares her amazing pregnancy story

This pregnancy came as a total shock to the mother of the family. In fact, she didn’t have any no prenatal symptoms and had not gained weight. Nothing seemed to indicate that she was expecting a sixth child. Yet the baby the couple named Apollo, was in excellent health. “I’ve had all the usual symptoms with my other pregnancies, but I’ve had nothing with Apollo,” she said. The young woman encountered a particular problem with her earlier children: “I had a big pregnancy belly with my other children. I also had hip issues from the weight I was carrying with the babies.” “I knew what pregnancy was like, but I had no idea I was expecting Apollo,” she added.

But while she was expecting her sixth child, her life hadn’t really changed. “During my pregnancy, I would fit into all my usual clothes and even my tightest shorts. I actually lost weight in the first two months of pregnancy. I started at 140 pounds, then went down to 63 before coming back to 68,” she explained. “But about two months before giving birth, I felt bloated from time to time. I don’t have the best digestive system and I’ve had it a lot with certain foods, so I didn’t think about it,” Adrianne said, explaining why she didn’t question it. On the other hand, she began to have twenty-four hours before giving birth very painful cramps and excessive gas. She only understood afterwards that it was actually contractions!

A completely unexpected event

Adrianne recounted the scene where she was in the toilet: “I heard something coming out. I immediately wondered if I hadn’t done that The amniotic sac has burst. I reached out and felt the baby’s head. Suddenly my instincts kicked in and I went into emergency mode and I knew I had to deliver this baby.” She felt her delivery lasted only 5 minutes and after that she held Apollo in her hands. “I felt like I was holding an alien at the time because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I screamed and called my husband. He ran into the bathroom and saw the baby I was carrying. We can well imagine the astonishment of the two parents! Her husband called the midwife.

“When Apollo arrived, I was really relieved because I finally understood what was causing my cramps,” she explained. From now on, the little family seems to have happy days. “Apollo is such a quiet baby and he fits perfectly into our family. But six children are more than enough for the moment » Adrianne rightly revealed that her husband suffered from one vasectomyso that you can be sure that such a surprise will not happen again!

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