This woman gives birth to her 6th child in her bathroom when she thought she was just bloated

If refusing pregnancy is a phobia for many women, one can only imagine what Adrianne Grayson, a 33-year-old woman from Dallas, Texas, has been going through. Indeed, at the end of September last year, the young woman started to feel a bit bloated and to suffered from cramps which she assumed to be intestinal cramps. Turns out, she actually gave birth to her sixth child. Yes, you read it right. After I have experienced 5 normal pregnancieshis body has decided to play a little trick on him by hiding a new addition to the family.

Exactly on September 27, 2021, Adrianne started feeling bloated and bloated. Nicknamed @momofawholelottakids, she confides in the incredible adventure of giving birth to her 6th child. She says when the cramps started she just took a bath and did it small yoga sessions to relax. The day after her pain started, she made the decision to do it go to the toilet to relieve yourself. What a surprise when she left her bathroom with a newborn baby in her arms. With her husband, they welcomed their son Apollo on her bathroom floor.

A 6th child under pregnancy denial

If Adrianne really had no idea she was pregnant, it was because her body hid it well from her. She says that unlike her 5 previous pregnancies, she had no symptoms. By her own admission, she lost weight even in the early stages of her pregnancy. For the entire time she was unknowingly pregnant, she confesses to having it pay close attention to his line. She ate well and even exercised every morning. She doesn’t even do it didn’t have to change her wardrobe One size fits all. She even fit into her tightest clothes. If nothing could warn her, it was because she was used to it don’t have a digestive system in top shape. Suddenly, the little bloating she might have at the end of pregnancy seemed normal to her. She felt it on the big day in the bathroom, when she started doing what she thought was the big errand something abnormal happened. Then she gave her hand and felt her baby’s head. The rest went very quickly, she confided to her blog. Within 5 minutes of the strong squeeze, her son was in her arms. Then she alerted her husband, who simply saw her with her son in her arms.

An unusual birth

When they were both in shock, Apollo’s father simply called the midwife, who came as soon as possible to find out about the new child. Though she didn’t suspect it, she said she was relieved to finally know the reason for his cramps. In fact, she says it was her easiest pregnancy. Between exercise and her diet, she didn’t even feel the fatigue she usually felt during her pregnancies. To avoid a second Apollo, her husband has there a vasectomy !

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