this promise made to his family that he couldn’t keep

A promise in his youth

Michael Schumacher is 16 years old. Even as a teenager he is a fan of Formula 1. Most notably, he grew up admiring the famous German driver (a legend in the country) Stefan Bellof. In 1985, the future champion did not miss any competition for his hero. Unfortunately, the latter suffered a terrible accident in September of the same year.

Formula 1 fans remember the 1,000 kilometer race at Spa. After a far too long pit stop, Stefan Bellof left the race in second place behind his competitor at the time, Jacky Ickx. Stung and desperate to win, he tries to catch it at all costs. Unfortunately, he collides with his competitor’s car before crashing into a corner of the grandstand. He’s dead instantly. It’s a national drama that makes Michael Schumacher’s parents fare even worse, fearing their son could face the same fate with a similar career. Then they ask him to stop karting, which he has been doing for ten years. At 16 he promised his parents that he would never become a Formula 1 driver. His 7 world titles remind us that he didn’t keep that promise.

A terrible accident… far away from a race track

If the young man’s parents fear for his life in this environment, the athlete ultimately does not experience his worst accident while driving a racing car. On Sunday, December 29, 2013, around 11 a.m. Michael Schumacher’s life takes a completely different turn. While in Méribel, Savoie, with his son Mick and three friends, he is the victim of an accident. If you descend 20 meters from an unmarked area, He encounters a rock that looms above the snow. He falls on a rock, hitting his head head-on, so violently that his helmet shatters into three pieces. If he ” stunned but aware “, the rescuers immediately decide to helicopter him. A few hours later, he underwent a first operation at the center of the University Hospital of Grenoble. After the intervention, the CHU announces that the champion is participating in a ” Head trauma with coma requiring immediate neurosurgical intervention » . An hour later, Michael Schumacher’s vital prognosis deals with a cerebral hemorrhage.

Michael Schumacher: No encouraging echoes about the state of health of the car world champion

Little information has appeared in the press since the accident, although some documentaries and reports investigate the question and attempt to obtain answers. It is not really known what condition Michael Schumacher is in. We remember a documentary, excerpts of which were broadcast by Gala a few months ago, in which former pilot Philippe Streiff gives his opinion on the former pilot’s state of health. He has never seen Michael Schumacher since his accident. But he hears some rumours. ” Michael Schumacher has to lie in bed in a miserable condition. It seems that he lost a lot of pounds. I see no point in keeping a husband or father in a condition like this« .

Words very barren, which are unlikely to please Michel Schumacher’s wife, who struggles every day to find the man she loves. The debate over the inexorability of drugs opens with the pilot’s case.

Netflix is ​​also preparing an exclusive documentary about Michael Schumacher, starring Sebastian Vettel. The latter entrusted this issue to Moto Sport. ” It hurts to know what condition he is in. So I’m obviously very close, and yes, the documentary, I can’t wait to see it because there will definitely be elements that I don’t know about“. These two documentaries may allow the curious public to learn more about Michael Schumacher’s current health status while waiting for his wife to agree to speak publicly about it and how she feels today. , his husband.

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