this new mess that’s bringing her to the end

Diana Blois desperate: her cry from the heart

Diana Blois is at her wit’s end. The extended family is somehow trying to find a new home. They are looking for a house near Montpellier that can accommodate the large tribe. So far, however, it has been nothing but disappointment and despair. On Wednesday, March 30th, Diana Blois took to her Instagram account, followed by 165,000 subscribers, to speak out about her plight: “Big bad mood, I really believed in it… I’m satiated, I despair. We are a serious family, we just need a home.

Her husband Gérome gave us more information about their misadventures: “We were waiting for an answer for a house I visited with Ilona on Monday. She was extra, all stuck. It was also a private individual who rented it out. For once it wasn’t an agency… There were a lot of people who wanted this house. The lady had concentrated all her visits on the same day, Monday. Unfortunately the answer was negative. So we’re angry…

The family does not understand why their file is systematically rejected: “Honestly, I don’t see what to do. I had provided all the papers for the file. We had offered to pay a year’s rent in advance to reassure the lady even more… I don’t think everyone can do that and fortunately we can afford it. But that’s not all… So we continue the house search. We believe in it, even if it inevitably takes a severe blow to morale“.

Unfortunately, Diana Blois and her small tribe can’t afford to buy houses right now. We wish you good luck! Especially since their problems aren’t limited to real estate…

Diana Blois and her family are confronted by the haters

Large families, life in XXL, is a program that fascinates viewers. Sometimes that passion turns to hate. Normally, Amandine Pelissard bears the costs. The mother is (unfortunately) a huge regular of haters of all kinds who won’t stop criticizing her for a yes or a name. Amandine Pelissard does not hesitate to repackage them in a virulent way, which benefits her!

This time the haters are after Diana Blois! What could the mother of a large family do to draw the ire of netizens. Well, to tell you all, Objeko doesn’t know! Or rather: nothing at all! Fame gained through TV shows always makes people jealous and envious. The slightest wrong word or gesture deemed “inappropriate” can set off a chain reaction of gigantic proportions.

Thanks to her 129,000 followers on Instagram, Diana Blois can afford to partner with brands for a fee. This undoubtedly allows him to make ends meet or even live comfortably. Haters, however, disagree. The mother of a large family confessed to our colleagues at Télé Loisirs:

My biggest fans, as I call them, can’t get enough of watching our stories and following us on the show. Now they’re texting the brands I work for to stop working with me because I’m so fucked up. They don’t know what to do anymore: they try to bring me down so that I lose my job

Luckily for Diana Blois, her partners stay away from swear words and continue to work with her! However, we hope that this situation will not happen again…

A committed XXL family

Despite all the setbacks, the Blois family is one big, close-knit family! Diana Blois, mother of the tribe, had 7 children from a previous marriage. 6 years ago she met Gérôme, an entrepreneur who already has a little girl. It’s love at first sight between the two lovebirds who decide to move in together. So they find themselves at home with 8 children, but decide to have another child together, little Juliette. Among the large families, the Blois are among the largest.

This blended family is very dynamic, which is a great source of inspiration for viewers. Of course, as in any family, there are many tensions. Especially since Diana Blois and her husband Gérôme are making big changes in their lives! Gérôme has been hit hard by the health crisis in his society, and Diana has resumed her studies. One wonders where they find the time to take care of their children. And yet! The Blois are one of the most popular families in extended families, living in XXL. Despite her popularity on the small screen, that doesn’t stop her from making trouble in her day-to-day life…

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