This mother has had her tubes tied twice and is pregnant at 51 after IVF

Kimberly Chasteen is pregnant with her seventh child. This 51-year-old American living in St. Louis, Missouri tells the story mirror his unusual journey. In fact, she is now pregnant despite having her tubes tied twice!

Two tubal ligatures

Kimberly had three children from her first marriage: Jessica (35), Kayla (33) and Richard (31). She decides that she no longer wants to expand her family and resorts to a radical contraceptive method: tubal ligation, a procedure that prevents eggs from entering the uterus. But after their separation, the American meets another man. After their marriage, they decide to have children.

Kimberly repairs her fallopian tubes and gives birth to three children: Blake (20 years old), Briar (19 years old) and Balin (17 years old). Again she decides not to have any more children and has her tubes tied again. But she gets divorced again and meets a younger man with whom she decides to have a baby.

Getting pregnant at 51

As she communicates her decision to her doctor, she is warned: The scar tissue from two ligatures can reduce her chances of conceiving, as can the fact that her eggs are no longer of the same quality as before due to her age. Kimberly therefore decides, against the advice of her loved ones, to resort to egg donation and in vitro fertilization (IVF). “Initially, my family was against it because of my age and the higher risk of deformities. But when I decided to ask for a donation and they understood that I would do it with or without their consent, they became more supportive.”, She says. This is also confirmed by her daughter Kayla, who told TikTok about her mother’s pregnancy mirror : “When she told us she wanted to try another baby, we didn’t immediately support her. We didn’t support her relationship with the younger man because it was toxic.”

Anyway, Kimberly spent $30,000 to do the procedure and it worked. “When she found out she was pregnant, she started dating another man. I would say I didn’t believe she was pregnant when she told us. Several times during her IVF journey she thought she was pregnant and had symptoms such as nausea and desire to get pregnant. I didn’t believe her until I saw the positive pregnancy test.”says Kayla.

Kimberly’s pregnancy adds to another happy event in the family: her daughter Jessica is also pregnant! “It was very exciting to experience the pregnancy at the same time as my daughter. We supported each other. It was even nicer that we were both expecting boys.”, She says. However, her daughter’s tenure preceded hers. Thus, she has already given birth while her mother was due to give birth on May 5, 2022.

A good start to the pregnancy

According to Kimberly, her pregnancy was “fabulous” up to the 32nd week. She then suffered bleeding which led to her being hospitalized last week. Turns out she had a abrupt placenta. Doctors hope she can last up to 34-35 weeks before giving birth, Kayla says on TikTok, adding that her mother and future baby brother are doing well.

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Confronted with the criticism her mother encounters online, the young woman explains it Mirror “understand both points of view”. “My mother is a grown woman who can make her own decisions. But motherhood is exhausting me and I’m in my 30s so I couldn’t see myself chasing a toddler in my 50s. But in the end it’s his decision and his life”She says.

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