This literary prize is awarded by students of priority education

Each year, students in the Chtellerault Priority Education Zone award the Eyes in the Pages literary prize. A clean fare.

After an introduction to the writing profession, there is time for questions and answers. Among the 62 students installed in the CDI, a first student is in hand: What is your favorite literary genre? For me it’s the crime, the thriller, but what I say to young people is “Read the classics!”replies the author.

On Thursday, before going to Maurice Carme school the next day, Sylvie Allouche, a Parisian children’s book author, was at Jean Mac College to meet the students participating in the Eyes in the Pages literary prize. A prize for his book Ethan and Orionwas selected.

The first
the goal is
the pleasure of reading

This award, reserved only for students trained in the Chtellerault Priority Education Zone, is undoubtedly unique of its kind. In any case, Anne Marzet, Rep Coordinator (Priority Education Network) of the Chtellerault District, does not know of an equivalent in France.
Organized by the city’s national education and media libraries, it is the culmination of work around reading in institutions in Rep and Rep +. aat was founded in 2017. At the beginning there were small reader rallies with 6 de Rep, which were expanded to CM1 and CM2 schools. There was George Sand College, Jean Mac College, Lo Lagrange, Herriot, Lavoisier, Lakanal, Prvert, and Carme schools. has become a literary prizeexplains Anne Marzet.
Today, the students of these institutions award the prize. In September, the selection will be made by the documentarians of the two colleges and the media librarians of Chtellerault. In a selection of four or five books, students from all schools vote for their favorite booksays Anne Marzet.
Every class has three book choices. The books are rotated so that every student has had a chance to read them all fin maithe period of voting that takes place in every establishment with attendance lists, voter ID cards and voting booths. All children voteemphasizes Anne Marzet.
In the meantime, Meetings are organized between schools and colleges on challenges, reusing the elements of the readings carried out. Like Sylvie Allouche, some of the authors whose books were selected are helpful to the students. The first goal is the joy of reading. The second goal is cross-class meetings between middle and elementary schools and that the encounter with the authors allows the students to imagine how a book is written, how the author finds his inspiration…, confides Anne Marzet. With sometimes the reward at the end. Often there are students who go to the media library to find books by the same authors, that’s quite a win!
This year, 580 students are taking part (320 in elementary school and 260 in college). Four books were selected: but also that of Sylvie Allouche blue like hopeby Mikal Ollivier, The Engurud’ric Simard, et Superhero vs Super Dumbby Ccile Alix. We have selected books that are suitable for dyslexic people so that there are as many children who want to read as possibleprecise Anne Marzet.
After Sylvie Allouche, Ric Simard will come to meet the students of the Edouard Herriot school on Wednesday 8 June. In the meantime, students are voting on Friday, May 20th.

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