This father-to-be doesn’t lift a finger, his pregnant wife has to take care of everything at home

As we know, in a couple, housework has to be shared 50-50: everyone has to get their hands dirty. But while feminists are desperate to get some men to understand that vacuuming doesn’t “help your partner” but does your part, some struggle to make sense of it. And it’s even more excruciating when it comes to having a pregnant woman do all the work.

Unemployed, he refuses to help his pregnant wife

A few days ago, a woman shared her painful situation on the Mumsnet parenting forum. “I’m 25 and my boyfriend is 35. We both have sons from previous relationships and we wanted to have children together.“Only here the pregnancy came a little earlier than expected: “Due to a birth control problem, I accidentally got pregnant and we were both in shock.

But since the announcement of his partner’s pregnancy, the father-to-be has shown no desire to interfere, neither in the household nor in the pregnancy of the woman who shares his life. “I understand that he is not satisfied with his daily life as he is unemployed after losing his job due to Covid-19 and that he is worried about the money. But it’s very frustrating for me to see that he doesn’t do anything at home.

Not only does he not do anything, but according to the mother-to-be, he believes that she must continue to bend down for him: “I have to take care of the cleaning, the cooking, but he also expects me to make him coffee if he asks me and that I take care of the shopping and the way to school on my own. . I’m only 10 weeks pregnant but I’m already broken. And if I tell him I’m tired or that I’m in pain somewhere, he ignores me. He even asks me to give him a massage in the evenings, and I do it very regularly!

The future father does not want to talk about the pregnancy

In view of this situation, the young woman does not know how to react and is surprised: “Can I reasonably ask for him to do something extra at home during my pregnancy?“Especially since the situation between the future parents seems tense. “When I told him I was pregnant he didn’t respond very well but in the end he changed his mind and told me we could make it work..” But since then he has not once mentioned his partner’s pregnancy, either to her or to those close to her.

We’re very close to his family, but he hasn’t even raised the idea of ​​breaking the news to them. He acts like nothing happened, like this pregnancy isn’t real. I feel abandoned, sad and overwhelmed.“At this stage, the young woman does not even dare to raise the issue in front of her partner, since the situation becomes embarrassing. An attitude that greatly worries Internet users, who believe that the latter should be better accompanied and supported by their spouse, and that says a lot about the father he will likely be to their baby…

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