This Cotentin town offers a canteen for Ukrainian refugee children

The City Council unanimously approved all items of the 2022 budget at its meeting on April 4th.
The City Council unanimously approved all items of the 2022 budget at its meeting on April 4th. (©La Presse de la Manche)

that council out of Port Bail sur Mer (Some) from Monday April 4, 2022 was mainly dedicated in the budget out of commune.

After unanimous confirmation of the management account of the year 2021François Rousseau, Mayor of Port-Bail-sur-Mer, left the room, as the procedure dictates for the manager account under the presidency of Marie-Christine Lafargue, oldest The Assembly. that unanimous vote also enabled the validation of this account which stands at 1 411 103.97 € for the operation (3 596 066.85 € in expenses, 3 872 145.97 € expenses and € 1,135,024.85 revenue reserves from 2020).

investment area

For the investment area, the result is 695 082.82 € (6 911 931.63 € expenses, 8 031 383.48 € a Costs and 434 107.28 € Retained earnings from 2020), taking into account operations remains to be done (174 527.85 € in expenses and 184 267.10 € expenses).

The meeting unanimously decides: 1 411 103.97 € postponed in operation.

Tax rates unchanged

The following discussion concerned the vote of the tax rate. Here, too, the Council unanimously decided to maintain the previous rate of 44.95 % for the developed plot and 34.50 % for the undeveloped land.

after one detailed presentation of the original 2022 budget, elected officials unanimously approved the project, which stands at 4 945 593.97 € in operation (roughly stable compared to 2021) and at 3 441 674.85 € of investment (i.e. a reduction of more than 50 % compared to 2021). So the total budget is 8 387 268.32 €.

And the schools?

That school grants were then validated under the same unanimous conditions as the free one dining fees for the Ukrainian refugee children in the community, at least to the end the school year.

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In the preamble to the budget, the people’s representatives had voted for a financing plan of 206 180 € for the rehabilitation out of Rue Chasse de Traverse as part of the requalification Beach from Port-Bail (including 61 854 € at the expense of the municipality).

A few questions

That royalties professions of municipal public domain (Terraces, food trucks, food stalls, rotisserie, fairground rides and circuses) were also always chosen unanimously.

An application for a precarious occupancy agreement for premises in Denneville Beach For a Bar/Snack activity behaved a few questions and the vote resulted in a principle of intent until more is known about compliance with safety standards and licenses.

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