They go to a wedding with their feral children, the newlyweds fire them and send them the bill

They didn’t want children at their wedding, and yet…

But the invitation was clear: the celebrations would take place without children. Babysitters have even been hired to look after the little ones just a few minutes from the venue for parents unable to find childcare facilities. However, three couples did not follow the bride and groom’s instructions and came accompanied by their offspring, a total of nine small children.

A hefty bill

Angry, the American couple then decided to do it lay them outthen Send them the billas they explain on the Reddit forum. « My husband and I made it clear that our marriage would be childless. I have a cousin who has eight children and relatives and friends all have two or three children. They are cute but the main issue is the price. Our room was the same price for children over 2 and adults, $250 per person. It would have doubled the price and our room wasn’t big enough for all the kids”so confided the bride.

Guests kicked out of the wedding

“My husband was more upset than me because they were guests on his site. His groomsmen offered to drive the kids to daycare, but they refused and made a scene. My husband told them they could stay as long as the kids weren’t a problem and the parents paid their share.” she continued.

Unfortunately, some children quickly became uncontrollable until screamingand to throw food. “Guests and team members tried to get her to sit down. Once a child walked under my dress, it was so weird. I didn’t notice and almost tripped. My bridesmaids pointed out to me that the food they threw landed on my wedding dress and I had had enough. I looked at my husband and he picked up the kids, took them to their parents and asked her to leave permanently« the bride explained before continuing: “After marriage, and here we can be to blame, We sent the bill to the three couples with a letter telling them we had a great time with them and reminding them that they had agreed to pay for their uninvited children. Two couples paid and regretted it, even saying they understood why we couldn’t include the kids.”

The couple reacted differently with the turbulent children. “They refused to pay because we asked them to leave before the cake. Instead of apologizing they abused us on the phone. I told them to be glad I didn’t send them the laundry bill for the dress. My husband even said it was the end of their friendship.” concluded the young woman.

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