These Bretons spent three years as a family on a catamaran: “May our lives be

A couple in their thirties crossing the oceans on a catamaran with their two young children would be almost banal. This is less the case when this couple consists of an ocean-going sailor, a naval engineer and a skipper, notably carrying the Jules Verne trophy around the world, and the co-founder of La Colloc, the first community space in Lorient (Morbihan ).

Sober and resilient lifestyle

At 38 and 35 and with the arrival of their daughters, We were afraid of missing out on our lives, which were full but not going in the right direction. It wasn’t the recipe for happiness, analyzed Gwénolé and Anne-Laure Gahinet. Did they find it, this recipe, six months after they left the Caribbean arc for what is not a bracket in life, but a long-term project ? A project they share on their adventure zaïzaï website, named after their 14m long that aims at everything at the same time by embracing “a sober and resilient way of life to work, consume, learn and travel differently” ?

Photo between two slides or dives, discovering the paradisiacal islands of the Caribbean arc on foot.  © adventure-zai-zai

Between two slides or dives, discovering the paradisiacal islands of the Caribbean on foot. © Adventure Zai Zai

Beyond the playful images of life on board, of sliding and diving in turquoise seas, of encounters and walks along the water, Anne-Laure, originally from Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), confides that she has already lived Experiences of joy but also of pain.

Whether at couple or family level, present on the catamaran or left on the ground, the journey is above all introspective: We want our life to be an adventure. But it takes a lot of work to find a good balance. Our psychiatrist is this journey…

Back in Brittany in early June 2022

So, she adds the boat trip is not for everyone, but the idea of ​​the station wagon is. However, it can be violent and must therefore be well prepared. And yet it was so. But the first times The relationship with oneself and with others was painful. However, we managed to turn it into something cool. Personally, the young woman had to accept not being a performer anymore although she continued to work with La Colloc in Lorient.

photo No lessons in the hut, but encounters and discovery hours with the family under the open sky of the West Indies... ©aventure-zaï-zaï

No lessons in the hut, but encounters and discovery hours with the family in the great outdoors of the West Indies… © Aventure-Zaï-Zaï

Today she says to herself even more convinced of the interest that needs to be shown in new ways of working and collects material for future conferences. When it comes to education, the couple’s credo towards their 3- and 4-year-old children was and is: Leave her alone! There is no question of planting them in front of your notebook every morning, but of associating them with the discoveries of an uncertain everyday life. After of course we have set a very clear framework.

Mexico in focus

In the end, however, there is a transatlantic return that Anne-Laure predicts quite dynamic even punchythe girls will go back to school in early June 2022. Before a restart in the fall a season 2 this time in the direction of Mexico a very clear goal of sobriety, without waste or new acquisitions. And a passenger, Corentin de Chatelperron, whose values ​​of his low-tech laboratory combine with those of the Gahinet couple: get better with less…

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