The wrong way in the child or baby

The Expert: Dr. Jean-François Delobbe, pediatrician

False travel occurs when something gets stuck in a person’s throat and tries to pass through the windpipe instead of the esophagus. Most often it happens to children but adults can also be affected. Then you have to react very quickly to let the air circulate again. The explanations of Dr. Delobbe, pediatrician.

Incorrect route definition, symptoms and risks

“The wrong way is the test of“a solid or liquid that enters the lower respiratory tract through the trachea », first explains the pediatrician. “The child then shows difficulty breathing, is short of breath, becomes red and coughs. He’s trying to catch a breath that’s become anarchic at the time of the wrong turn.. Witnessing a wrong route is always impressive, but it’s important don’t lose your funds to clear the child’s airway as soon as possible to avoid any risk of suffocation or suffocation.

When the cause of the wrong path is food or an object

When a child or baby chokes on a food (fake food route) or object (foreign object), the first thing to do is check what’s in their mouth. “It can be a piece of meat if it happens during a meal but also a small toy or a marblefor example, if the child suffocates in the bedroom or in the living room » says dr delobbe To unblock the back of the throat, parents need to insert their finger into the child’s mouth and scrape the inner wall of the cheek so as not to press the food or toy further down. “Then he must Crochet the element that causes choking to advance it the pediatrician continues.

When the cause of the wrong road is a liquid

“There is nothing to do for liquids”, assures the expert. The child feels suffocated and coughs, and normally everything is back to normal after a few fifths to coughwhich allow the drink to be spit out.

What technique if the first gestures of intention don’t work?

The Heimlich Maneuver: Performed on children who can stand

When the child stops making noises and there is no more air coming out of his throat or nose, you need to act very quickly. Abdominal compressions, called the Heimlich maneuver, are the next step when the first intention gesture doesn’t work in young children.The Heimlich maneuver can be performed on children who are able to stand up well and only after ensuring that they are no longer making noise, coughing or even breathing. « It is necessary to bandage the wrapped fist of the other hand at the level of the child’s chest, by wrapping it around your back. It is then necessary to raise the fist abruptly backwards to create abdominal pressure and thus a sudden effort to exhale. The goal is always the same: try to spit out the blocked object or clogged piece of food while keeping the child’s mouth open. detail dr delobbe At the same time, emergency services must be 15 or 112 so that they arrive as soon as possible.

A special technique for babies

In the vast majority of cases, a baby’s wrong-way episode will return to normal on its own. If the above first gestures of intention are unfortunately not enough and you have made sure that he is no longer making any noise, coughing or even breathing, it is then necessary to take the child, lay him face down and pat or pat him on the back, between the shoulder blades, with the palm. The head must be turned down, lower than the chest. “This may apply to children aged 3 and under” says the pediatrician. The purpose of the taps is to loosen stuck food or objects, which then need to be removed from the child’s mouth.

What monitoring after a wrong route or when a child swallows incorrectly?

As soon as the air can flow again, the choking is over. The child can breathe normally again and regain their senses. “Once the episode is over, continue to monitor the child’s breathing ‘ the doctor explains.

Important precision of the pediatrician : if the child, for example, choked on something friable, a part that may have gotten into the airwayss, it is necessary to remain vigilant and to consult the child at the slightest doubt. “If the child starts coughing a few days after the miscarriage and it doesn’t go away, get it triggered a fever and the symptoms of possible infection, it is imperative to consult him “, emphasizes the doctor.

In order to avoid this type of domestic accident, it is important to follow a few rules. “Beware of everythingDo not let a child play with food alone. In the same way, pay attention to the big brother’s or big sister’s small toy parts, to the small objects in the living room. That often happens in a moment of inattention.” emphasizes the specialist. The pediatrician also warns parents about medication or button batteries: “In this case, the child swallows the battery or the tablet directly, but that in itself is not a mistake You must be very careful and keep these products and items out of the reach of children as this can be dramatic”.

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