The Voice: For Fabien Cicoletta it’s ‘a family story’

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This Saturday, Fabien Cicoletta from Toulousain is playing the Battles of The Voice, Season 11 on TF1 with Marc Lavoine’s team. This father of singers will surely have in mind the image of his son Ugo who was eliminated on March 12th.

After passing the blind audition on March 12 for The Voice Season 11, play the Battles this Saturday. How do you feel ?

Good and calm. Of course I’ll be thinking very hard of my son Ugo, who unfortunately left on March 12th.

You founded The Voice with your son? tell us

It’s a surprise from my wife Pascale who signed up Ugo and me. It’s true that back in 2014 and 2015 I was spotted and approached by Bruno Berberes, The Voice’s casting manager. Without hesitation. In 2021 my wife contacted the team again and there I accepted, not knowing that my son would also be on stage and we would each sing on our side. So we both went to the casting. And the chair turned for me but not for him. When I realized that no coach had reached out to Ugo, my heart literally exploded. Also, my first thought was to give him my place. I wanted to experience this musical adventure together and then everything fell apart.

A father and a son are running together… It’s a somewhat new situation.

Yes indeed. But music is a family thing for us. I’m a bit of a singer dad. Ugo started singing very early, around nine or ten, I think. Also, the first time was at our wedding. After that he never stopped. This is to express his passion for singing and disappointment on March 12th. Fortunately, everything ended well: Ugo took the situation philosophically, hoping to try the experience again at some point, taking into account the jury’s feedback.

And you, why did you want to live this TV experience?

I come from the entertainment world: I was a classical dancer with the Ballet du Capitole in Toulouse for 15 years, having started dancing in Marseille at the age of 16. A passion that I have never separated from that of singing. When I left the Ballets du Capitole in 2011, I joined the René Coll Orchestra and then the Casino Barrière for various shows. In six years I have taken part in 300 performances as a dancer and musician. I shared the stage with Michel Jonasz in particular. A very good memory. Coming back to my motivation for The Voice, I also wanted to explore a TV show for the general public. Also take a look behind the scenes.

You say artists have always inspired you. Why ?

Absolutely. If I like to interpret different styles of music, swing appeals to me in particular. Version Franck Sinatra or Michael Bublé, current pop singer who takes up the greats of jazz and soul. Also, in 2014, I released an album entitled “Around Michael Bublé”, accompanied by the Muret Big Band, made up of twenty musicians.

You also founded a dance school with your wife.

In 1987 Pascale and I opened the dance and singing school “Les feus de la ramp” in Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe. My wife, who I actually met at the Capitole.

For the fights, you joined Marc Lavoine’s team. Why this choice?

At the blind audition I convinced Florent Pagny and Marc Lavoine. I’m a big fan of Florent Pagny, but I was more drawn to Marc Lavoine’s personality. He is a very good listener.

What would you say to a young person who wants to try TheVoice? Would you encourage him to do this?

For sure. The Voice is certainly a musical experience, but it is also an extraordinary human experience. Without exaggerating I can say that it is a really caring family.

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