The victim’s family points to the “deficiencies” in the investigation

This is commonly referred to as the shepherd’s response to the shepherdess. Two days after the Bobigny prosecutor’s conference on the status of the investigation into the death of Jeremie Cohen, who was struck by a tram in Bobigny on February 16, the family of the deceased provided their version of the facts and the investigation, which are not entirely consistent with that of the parquet floor. It is also interesting to note that the possible anti-Semitic character of the attack that preceded the death of the young thirty-year-old, and which was so much the subject of recoveries by political personnel who needed notoriety, was not a central element of this press conference, which was mainly aimed at aimed to point out the shortcomings of the investigations.

Thus, Evelyne Cohen, Jeremie’s mother, read out a long letter, as if to underline hollowly, in which she returned in chronological order and detail to her experience of the facts since the death of her son and in particular to the investigations carried out by her two sons, Gabriel and Raphaël weaknesses of the police. For example, according to the family, Gabriel and Raphaël, who came to the scene of the crime, heard of a possible altercation before the accident on February 22. The next day, Evelyne goes to the Bobigny police station with her two sons to get Jeremie’s cell phone. She says :

The investigator tells us that it was a traffic accident and that the prosecutor’s office decided to drop the investigation. We ask him to explain the circumstances of the accident, the impact on the tram. His explanations of the tram impact did not match the wound my son had in mind. We then ask her if she has looked at the cameras, if she has seen the brake reports […]. She replies no, she only called the tram driver. We ask her to see them and continue her investigations before closing the investigation, she replies that she can no longer intervene. […]. At no point during this 45 minute interview will she inform us that Jeremie was beaten, lynched and hunted by a group of people.

Similarly, Evelyne states that on March 3, her son Gabriel picked up the emails of the appeal for witnesses and came across the video of the attack before her brother’s death. The witness who filmed explains that he sent this video to the French section of the International Police Association on February 17. After confirming that he had not received anything, he will say on March 25 that he has found the video in his spam. Also, despite the Cohen family’s urging, the videos of the RATP and the social landlord, in front of which the attack took place, were deleted because they were not seized in time by police. The same videos investigators are now trying to recover.

Finally, the final sentence of Jeremie’s mother’s speech leaves little doubt as to the purpose of the press conference: “We hope and wish all French people who have suffered or will suffer [des drames humains], better treatment and more serious examination than that of my son Jeremie Cohen. His lawyer, Me Franck Sefati, has also gotten involved in the hope that “the men’s justice will catch up with what is no doubt an incomplete start”. He also pointed to “malfunctions in the police services,” adding that “it’s up to my colleague [Me Goldnadel] whether or not the state should be held liable for these dysfunctions”.

Was the attack anti-Semitic?

Evelyne Cohen was very clear on this point. “Our family’s position is: We don’t know right now whether this is anti-Semitic or not,” she said. She also claims that the hospital where Jeremie Cohen died returned her a kipa among her personal belongings. “The kipa exists, support Me Serfati. Jeremie is a young boy from a devout Jewish family. After that, did Jeremie wear the kipa on his head or in a pocket of a garment? The investigation will show. »

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