the student, her boyfriend, the pregnancy in the fourth month and the wish for an abortion

The suspected killer of four-month-pregnant student Seynabou Ka Diallo, who was killed and then thrown to the side of the road, has been arrested. This is his friend PY Seck. He is also a student today and was arrested late in the evening of March 27 by elements of the Saint-Louis gendarmerie research brigade. According to the daily newspaper “L’Observateur” he confessed to his crime.

According to the sources of the newspaper, at the time of the investigation, after the discovery of the student’s body, the gendarmes’ attention was drawn to the disappearance of the victim’s iPhone brand phone. What was more fascinating was that the device had been switched off since the many; Attempts by her relatives, including her mother, to reach her were unsuccessful. It was the results of this phone search that led to the prime suspect being found. He was finally arrested on Sunday night, March 27, before being discreetly taken to the research brigade’s premises, where he was held for a lengthy interrogation.

The PYS student, also a friend of student Seynabou Ka Diallo, underwent severe interrogation to unravel the mystery surrounding this crime and ended up breaking down and retracing the film of his crime. The defendant disclosed that the victim had been his girlfriend for almost two years. Also, and that she was 4 months pregnant, which he is the author of. According to him, on the night of the facts, they were together in his room on the University of Saint-Louis campus. During a conversation about the student’s pregnancy, which she wanted to interrupt, an argument broke out. There, the student strangled her before delivering a fatal blow. Panicked, PY Seck packed the body in a suitcase, which he loaded onto a motorcycle from Jakarta to drop it off at the Ndiawdoun exit near the university, before returning with the suitcase to his room, the crime scene.

Since a crime is never perfect, he simulated a fight at the exit, towards Ndiawdoun, at the point where he dumped the lifeless body before taking the victim’s cell phone, which he first turned off before throwing it away to avoid the to arouse the slightest suspicion. However, the gendarmes continued their investigation and went to the killer’s house, where they discovered the bag that allowed PY Seck to transport him to Ndiawdoun. He was taken into police custody pending the reconstruction of the facts and the investigation is still ongoing. For their part, the autopsy requested by investigators from the Saint-Louis Research Brigade revealed that Seynabou Ka Diallo’s death was due to bleeding caused by multiple blows.

On March 23, the Diama Gendarmerie Brigade had received a notification from the Social Commission of the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis of the disappearance of a student of the 31st doctorate at the ‘Ufr S2ATA named after Seynabou Ka, in Saint-Louis Dialo. Three days later, on Friday morning, the student’s remains were found in a state of disrepair near the village of Ndiawdoun.

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