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PRECARNITY – Being precarious in France today is anything but a matter of will. You can save your finished recipes. No, it’s no longer enough to want it for power.

Getting out of precariousness will take years if we ever make it. Months go by for me here and the more I see the day dawning again, the more I see the hope of getting out of there really dwindling.

Because the unpaid bills are piling up, because the problems are piling up with even more solutions to be found, but mostly because it’s much harder to re-integrate into the system that one day you had to leave.

“Let’s stop the cliches right now that all these poor people are literally taking advantage of the system by becoming millionaires thanks to tons of help that only exists in the minds of all those who keep trying to judge them.”

People who think that money does not bring happiness must never have had it and be good for them, but above all they do not know what it means to be really poor despite the will to get by.

“Die” from within.

I can tell you because that’s how I feel, it literally makes you burst from the inside as the months go by.

Who would want to one day have to choose between feeding their children and filling up their car?

We must stop believing that there is a typical profile of the poor. Today in France, precariousness affects millions of people, so let’s stop stigmatizing people.

Let’s stop all the clichés right now that all these poor people are literally profiting from the system, becoming millionaires thanks to tons of help that only exist in the minds of all those who keep trying to judge them.

The weight of shame and guilt

To think that all these poor people, myself included, happily go out to eat every day thanks to food parcels, thanks to solidarity grocery stores or even thanks to food inspections is absolutely unthinkable, but NEVER should you have found yourself begging for any of this help and can’t even imagine the depth of shame and guilt when you find yourself justifying to someone the help you’re asking for.

What’s more, it was never just about that. This “that” which is sometimes not enough, but without having other options.

I sometimes think of the aftermath that may come one day.

Do you know what I’ve also lost in all these months of living in precarity? I have no idea what I like to eat anymore.

Aside from the taste of certain foods that I’ve literally forgotten, if I had enough money tomorrow to feed myself again without having to make a choice, I’d be alone in a supermarket I haven’t visited for so long, I didn’t know what to buy

Because I no longer cook, I have been opening boxes or bags for far too long without having a choice but because I have to eat.

We talk even less about that, about the aftermath, about how we want to reintegrate, about how life can start again after we have suffered all this.

Because we suffer from it, believe me. Once again, it’s anything but a choice.

Money doesn’t fall from the sky because you live in poverty

My family allowance is not higher than yours if you have two children, also because I am precarious or because I am a single parent. The CAF calculates the APL for me on the same scale as you. As we live in France, we benefit from CMU-C or CSS depending on the year. And luckily, because just thinking about the fact that I couldn’t even treat her makes me think I wouldn’t be here anymore.

And that’s it, it stops there.

Believe me, most things that are due you have to go begging for. What’s more, you have to justify them, they don’t give you all that just because one day you had the courage to push open a social worker’s door.

And from you to me, I sincerely wish that you never have to do that.

“Do you know what I’ve also lost in all these months of living in precarity? I have no idea what I like to eat anymore.

How many years will we be if this country goes on like this?

Do you really think that we will recover by building walls at the borders or continue to enrich the richest?

The opposite will happen, I cannot understand that if you believe the latest polls, almost 68% of the population are still going in this direction.

Not voting won’t change everything, in fact it’s a certainty, but it still gives a hell of a direction for the next few years. And I’m among those today who are disgusted, saddened, really annoyed by it, probably because as one of the poorest I seem one thing for sure, and that’s I can’t get over it.

survive daily

That I will never get out of all this enough to be able to live with my two children in dignity. We will continue to have to survive every day.

This is poverty, it is certainly not fair to embellish the situation for your children, it is mainly because they are my sole responsibility. So I have to keep lying to her.

Lying to them about their gym class, where they don’t go anymore, lying to them about the contents of the fridge, lying to them about the walks we don’t go, lying to them about the holidays, where we don’t go yet, the not fact that 6 years are not very important.

lie, every day

Me, what really worries me every day is wondering when will they know that I, their mother, I lie to them every day?

And most importantly, if they notice, how do I get out of it?

I only wish I could live with dignity, but you still have to believe that most of you in France in 2022 don’t think that matters.

I’ll think about it over the next few weeks when I return my accommodation to sleep in my car.

The blatant injustice that stinks of truth in this individualistic world we actually live in.

Everyone for themselves, but above all don’t think about others, that would sometimes be contagious.

You will be able to put on as many masks and gels as you want over the next few years, but I can guarantee you that uncertainty, absolutely nothing will protect you from it and that you will just die with me as quietly as possible.

This post, also published on Sylvie Longuet’s Instagram account, has been reproduced on Le HuffPost with her permission.

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