The Socialist Party wants to increase teachers’ salaries

The rest of our political meetings on France bleu Bourgogne: We are nine days away from the presidential elections and we are talking about education with our guest Antoine Hoarau, who was elected in Dijon, supporting socialist Anne Hidalgo for this election.

Antoine Hoarau, you are MP for Solidarity at Dijon City Hall, vice-president of the metropolis, secretary of the Socialist Party in Côte-d’Or. The educational priority for Anne Hidalgo is to increase teachers’ salaries from the very beginning of their careers. From how much?

So, if you will allow me, before I attack education, I would like to talk about the general political situation and the danger of the Front National arriving at the Elysée today. I think that the presidential elections that will be held in the coming days, the first round and the forthcoming second round, with the total demonization of Marine Le Pen thanks to Eric Zemmour, are extremely dangerous for our democracy. Today Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen speak with one voice and have a program that wants to get out of democracy. And I want to draw the attention of everyone who hears us, everyone who sees us and who listens to us, to this very serious risk to democracy. As you said, we are nine days away from the first round of the presidential elections, it must be remembered that the Front National is a far-right party that wants to leave democracy.

It took you one minute out of the five minutes we have together to get that message across. So, in education, are we raising salaries?

Teachers’ salaries need to be increased to reach managerial levels. Nowadays, teachers are underpaid compared to the average salary of executives in our country. And so, teachers need to be promoted so that their salary levels are the same as executives in our country.

We have heard a lot of anger here about France Bleu Bourgogne, about this health crisis, these health protocols and also the Bac reform. Do you think that money is the primary culprit in this vocation crisis that we are witnessing among teachers today?

This is due to the remuneration and also to the consideration for the teachers. The position of teachers in society needs to be reassessed. Anne Hidalgo’s method is the method of social democracy, that of compromise and collaboration with the unions. And so the main thing is to be in dialogue, to be in dialogue with the teachers, both to improve salary conditions and to work on pedagogical issues. It should be remembered that under François Hollande, 60,000 jobs were created in the national education system, which has already strengthened our system. But we must continue to recruit teachers, but also improve their position.

How many do we recruit?

We have to wait and see the five-year term, but what allowed Emmanuel Macron to divide the classes in CP, CE1 into priority neighborhoods was that François Hollande had recruited 60,000 teachers during his five-year term, and that is why today we have to take national education really to the priority close. Anne Hidalgo has four main priorities. It is climate change, the fight against climate change, a cross-cutting policy of all public policies. And then it’s education, health and safety, which are the four main pillars of his presidential election agenda.

Another important axis in the field of education is still the training reform. More complete training, says Anne Hidalgo. What does that mean ? Does that mean that we are not trained enough now, that we are poorly trained?

Not necessarily that we are badly educated, but that means we also need to be trained throughout life. The difficulty today is that the IUFMs have been abolished. That is why we need to go further in the initial training of teachers. But we also need to be able to give teachers the opportunity to continue learning throughout their careers.

Should the programs be adapted to a new reality? Modernize these programs and thus adapt the training accordingly?

It is necessary that basic knowledge from elementary school is acquired. And that’s really the priority. Being able to read, be able to do arithmetic, be able to write, that is the absolute priority knowledge. Then it’s also everything that has to do with the general culture. For example, the history of geography needs to be re-evaluated. It is an absolutely essential material if you want to project yourself into the future. But it is also everything associated with the values ​​of citizenship and respect. School must also teach our children to be docile, the future citizens of our republic, and therefore it means working on everything related to the fight against racism, the fight against anti-Semitism, especially the values ​​of the republic . But today we see candidates, especially far-right candidates, who challenge all the policies and all the values ​​of our republic. On the contrary, we must reaffirm that we are committed to republican values ​​and that these values ​​must be passed on to children.

Anne Hidalgo President, the Parcoursup system is disappearing.

Yes, the parcours system is disappearing because it is a system that is very unequal and that. Which, one could say, puts the competition where it is not needed. For example, a student graduating from a vocational baccalaureate today has great difficulty enrolling in a university. It is necessary that the students who leave the Baccalaureate can go to the fields that they have chosen and not that are imposed on them. And so there should be criteria in the orientation. There must be places that are also available in courses at university level or at the level of the Grandes Ecoles that are in high demand.

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