The skate park, a “space of freedom” shared with family in Hyères

Victor, from the age of 7, accompanied by his little sister Alice, does not catch a glimpse of the modules of this new generation skate park, made up of Rush, Cross, skateboarders, BMX fans and, like him, little scooter enthusiasts. However, he has to wait. “I just forgot to take the helmets with me”, unfortunately confides in his father and says he’s ready to come back in the afternoon. “Even if everyone looks out for the other, I prefer that he has protection”, he agrees. These are highly recommended at the entrance, and few practitioners failed to put them on yesterday morning.

Many families and young practitioners of all ages and all levels came to this opening day after the renovation of the structure, especially the street area. The city invested 600,000 euros in the extension, which now features a dual-depth bowl and micro-ramp for entry. “A Space of Freedom”said the mayor Jean-Pierre Giran.

A future platform

“An outdoor sport, leisure, where we have fun together”assures the chosen ones who announce, are excited and want to create a small platform to admire the skills of the users and competitors of the bowl.

“Palm trees, skateboarding… We’re a little bit Californian, aren’t we?”said with a smile Grégoire, father of a family of graphic designers and illustrators.

Volunteers from Explore & Preserve and Recyclop were also present yesterday to raise awareness about plastic pollution and the risks of throwing cigarette butts in the landscape area of ​​the structure.

A sports and leisure location where mutual help is not an empty word. “I like coming here with my children because young and old practice together. The first also advise the youngest. And then we can come at any time.”She appreciates Estelle, mother of little Marco, from La Crau.

“Skating is freedom” Yan Bertini, founding director of the Bump association, likes to say. This skateboarder at heart, who designed and helped create the skate park that opened in 1999 on behalf of Mayor Léopold Ritondale, measures the progress made. The first street skate park in Europe (before work) has been open since this winter “Olympic Preparation Center”Approved by the Organizing Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Tom Martin, 13 years old and 2021 French bowl champion, came from Marseille with his father Benoît specifically to test him. The young competitor enjoyed his “curves”a training springboard for competitors at the Olympic Games.

know it

An appointment not to be missed

The skate park will host the final of the French road championship next July, more precisely the 1stis2 and 3

Back to basics

Do you want to know how the skate park in Hyères was born? And how did skateboarding become an Olympic sport? Don’t miss the exhibition planned for this summer at the Park Hotel’s new gallery, the opening of which is scheduled for June 30, according to Yan Bertini, founding director of the Bump association.

Little tips

The skate park enclosure is free for everyone and accessible at all times. However, to facilitate the practice of the different disciplines depending on the level, several slots are offered to users, informed by a scoreboard at the entrance to the skate park. Beginners are preferred in the mornings and advanced in the afternoons. Skateboarding and in-line skating: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (winter) and until 10:00 pm in summer. Scooter: 8am – 3pm and BMX 5pm – 6pm (winter) and until 10pm in summer.

Tags and graffiti prohibited

Tags and graffiti are strictly prohibited. “The paints used make the surfaces slippery and dangerous in practice”it is stated.

City Skateboard School

On Saturday mornings it’s free for 6-12 year olds. Skateboarding lessons are offered by the Bump Club’s SK8 Unity section on Wednesday afternoons and during all school holidays.

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