“The programs for training presidential candidates remain tools of communication and catalogs of promises”

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Tribune. Every candidate for the next presidential election offers a school component in their program. Observing these projects logically reveals clear differences according to political orientation. What is surprising, however, is that what they all have in common is to reveal their intentions by avoiding or bypassing questions that are nonetheless essential for learning.

While all claim to reform the education system, none of them make a clear diagnosis of the state of the school and the problems these reforms are intended to solve. Fundamental questions, which are raised almost daily in public debate and which now severely affect the functioning of the school system, are largely ignored. For example, the expectations of families and students in terms of professional integration, the importance of studying for young people who today have diverse and demanding goals, the relationship between school knowledge and all the knowledge available on the Internet…

The superficiality of the diagnoses of all these programs on the state of our education system is blatant. While each outlines important changes that indicate the school is experiencing serious difficulties, the nature of these changes is not explained or reduced to a single dimension, which is briefly recalled.

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In this way, the programs of right-wing or right-wing extremist parties mobilize a vocabulary of “Restoration” or the “Restoration”, which requires the school to strike a balance that it would have known in the past. But this kind of golden age is never described in detail, it can only be implicitly guessed at in the meaning of the sentences: we are implicitly referring to a mythical past which would have been that of order in the factories, the undisputed authority of the Lord, of a rigorous and respected secularism, from a doctrine stabilized on the “Basics”of early orientation and supposedly more effective than the current singles college.

Spreading measures without logic

On the left, the issue of inequalities is the basis of most of the proposals. However, the programs limit themselves to observing social inequalities in academic success, without really questioning all the causes, and no evaluation of the systems that have been established for almost forty years is offered either. All of these texts suggest that social inequalities in success are merely the reproduction of inequalities in society, without also being the product of internal class and firm practices.

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