The pregnant mother sees her baby’s legs sticking out of her body and calls her son to help him deliver in the bathroom

A young boy had no choice but to help his mother give birth to his little brother. According to the doctors, the child would have died without his intervention.

Older brothers have a role to play in protecting their younger siblings, but what happens when that role, which usually begins after the baby is born, begins before birth?

Such was the case with Jayden Fontenot, a little boy from Sulfur, Louisiana. Luckily he rose to the challenge. It all started on a Friday morning in 2017 when her mother, Ashly Moreau, woke up and went to the bathroom, unaware that she was in labor.

Ashly Moreau holds her newborn; Jayden Fontenot in the hospital with his mother Ashly Moreau and brother. | Source: 2 Click2Houston

As soon as she looked down, she noticed two things: first, her waters had just broken, and second, her newborn baby’s feet were already sticking out.

The woman was then home alone with Jayden and her little sister, so he was the only one she could call for help.

When he got to the bathroom, he saw that his mother was bleeding to death, so he rushed to alarm his grandmother.

Jayden Fontenot holds her little sister as she plays with her toys.| Source: 2 Click2Houston

In response, she called an ambulance; However, there wasn’t much the grandmother could do, so Jayden returned to his mother, determined to help her.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Ashly started bleeding, the baby started coming out, and her legs turned purple, meaning she wasn’t getting enough oxygen. According to Moreau, he took a deep breath when he got to the bathroom and said:

“Okay mom, tell me what to do.”

Determined to help, Jayden used his little brother’s already visible legs to pull the baby out while his mother helped by pushing. But the child wasn’t breathing properly even after birth, and Ashly hadn’t stopped bleeding.

Then she asked him to get a nasal aspirator from the kitchen to clean the baby’s nose. He rushed to carry out his instructions and the baby took his first breath.

Kersey Richard carries her child on her lap accompanied by Jayden Fontenot during her visit to the hospital to see a newborn baby. | Source: 2 Click2Houston

Shortly thereafter, the SAMU arrived at their home and the mother and baby were taken to the hospital for further care.

Doctors later admitted that if Jayden had not delivered the baby, it would have been too late for the child.

In a news broadcast, Ashly revealed how proud she was of her son and the calm he showed at such a crucial time when a lot could have gone wrong.

Kersey Richard, Ashly Moreau, Jayden Fontenot and their baby. | Source: 2 Click2Houston

Her husband, Kersey Richard, has opened up about his feelings and even called the boy “brave”. According to him, the boy had done something unusual.

Ashly and Kersey can rest assured that wherever they are, Jayden will be watching over his siblings – he’s bound to have a fun story to tell them.

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