the point on an investigation with many gray areas

What happened ?

It was a witness who found the five members of this French family on the ground around 7 a.m. on Thursday morning and alerted the Vaud police. ” I had just come out onto my balcony when I saw the scene. I thought it was a traffic accidentn (…) A young man, startled, explained to me that he had seen the corpses fall in front of him ‘ Ibrahima revealed in the newspaper’s columns The Parisian. The father (40), his wife and his twin sister, born in 1980, his 8-year-old daughter died instantly, while the 15-year-old son was hospitalized in serious condition.

how did we get here

That same morning, gendarmes went to the family home, an apartment on rue du Casino in Montreux, to obtain an “arrest warrant” against the father over the 15-year-old child’s schooling. ” The gendarmes could not enter and it was at this point that this family made the decision to throw themselves from the 7th floor balcony ‘ the police spokesman continued. The gendarmes claim to have knocked on the door and heard a voice asking who they were. After that they heard no more noise. ” The presence of another person in the apartment at the time of the crime could be ruled out according to the status of the investigation ‘ added the police.

What do we know about this family?

Police have announced they are conducting a neighborhood survey to determine his ” Surroundings “and know how” lived this family », explains Jean-Christophe Sauterel. It was founded in Switzerland. For a while “. A family that was not known to either the judiciary or the police outside of this procedure in connection with the school education ».

According to the Vaud police, this family, whose profile particularly challenges investigators, lived in seclusion in their five rooms with closed shutters. A lot of food, medicine and water packs were stored there. According to the Swiss TV station RTS, the 8-year-old sister had no schooling and did not show up at any registration office.

The father, his wife and his twin sister have completed great and long studies. A graduate of the Polytechnique, he had worked in the departments of the State Department, but had since been in commerce, at home, still after Le Parisien. They were doctors. ” They were very introverted says a neighbor, adding that the obviously ill woman was using a cane to move around. The father’s and twin sister’s names were only on the mailbox.

What could have caused this family to face the void? It could be collective suicide. According to witness statements, the two sisters would have jumped first. The teenager followed by his father with his daughter in his arms. ” It’s human madness confided in a neighbor who moved into the building a month ago. Local authorities have announced that they will not communicate for several days.

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