The parents say goodbye to their baby and turn off the ventilator, miraculously it immediately begins to breathe

These parents hearts slowly broke when they had to say goodbye to their precious baby. However, an inexplicable event happened that left everyone completely confused.

Science is a wonderful way to understand the world. She quickly finds solutions to problems we never thought possible.

However, sometimes she has yet to find an answer, treatment, or cure for a medical problem, making it impossible to resolve.

Baby Karson at home [à gauche] ; Baby Karson in the hospital [à droite]. | Source:

In this case, however, despite current scientific knowledge, people sometimes recover on their own. For people like Lisa Hough, it can only be explained by a miracle from God.


On February 19, 2022, Mrs. Hough shared a wondrous story on Facebook. She explained how she and her husband sadly decided to take their baby Karson off life support.

Doctors had told the couple that the child’s heart would stop beating within ten minutes of that traumatic moment. However, the sequel was more than surprising.


Once unplugged, did the little one immediately start breathing? instead of succumbing. Karson’s organism was also able to carry out various bodily functions such as digestion and coughing. The mother wrote:

“Doctors and the medical team have no explanation and no longer know what to say. They claim that science and medical data are unable to describe this situation… The only explanation given is that ‘this is a miracle’.

Hough wrote that she didn’t know how long Karson would live, and while she hoped for the best, she was simply grateful for the extra time, even if it didn’t last long.

Luckily for this loving mom, her little miracle fought for her life and got even better on February 28, 2022. That day, she shared another post online, which read in part:

“Karson is officially without oxygen and maintaining saturation. He is now able to regulate and maintain his own body temperature and no longer needs thermoregulation.”

Hough also excitedly shared the news that they were preparing to send him home, which she felt was almost unreal.

Finally, on March 1, 2022, she and her family were officially notified that their little one would be coming home that week. In another post, Hough expressed:

“Every day I’m brought to my knees, and just when I thought God had done enough, I was quickly reminded that He hasn’t done it yet… I will praise Him while I have time. the air in my lungs for giving Karson this priceless opportunity.”

From his first post, many netizens supported the little family’s story and celebrated Karson’s survival in the comments.

Unlike the tiny minority of us who claim not to be afraid of death, it’s terrifying to see a loved one deal with that inevitability. It is even more frightening when we have to deal with this situation ourselves.

Greg Thomas of Montgomery, Minnesota was one such person. He was diagnosed with cancer and told his family they needed to start planning his funeral.

However, while walking his dog, he came across an abandoned church and felt a strange urge to repair the structure. This is how his project began.

An inexplicable event happened while he was in remission after the chapel was painted entirely white. After years of work at the church, he completely overcame the disease.

Unfortunately, the cancer returned in 2015, but Thomas was still deeply affected by this strange coincidence and became a pastor.

Believe it or not, there is no denying, divine or not, what these two individuals experienced was extraordinary.

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