“The OL family gets mobile” for the Unicef ​​hero game

On May 10 (8:30 p.m.) the “Match of Heroes” will take place in Parc OL, jointly organized by Unicef ​​​​and the OL Foundation to raise funds for children affected by the war in Ukraine.

Play soccer to help those most in need. UNICEF France has been following this creed for several months. Last October, the first edition of the “Hero Match” took place in Marseille and raised 400,000 euros in donations for Didier’s association. Drogba dedicated to education in Côte d’Ivoire. The money will be collected for the second edition “used to support programs for Ukrainian children”as Ann Avril, director general of Unicef ​​France, said on Monday. For weeks, the French branch of the UN organization and the OL Foundation have been working hand in hand to set up this project, which will take place on May 10th (8:30 p.m.) at the Parc OL, with the aim of doing better than to be in Marseille.

“We work with the same audience as children, stressed Maëlle Trarieux, General Delegate of the OL Foundation. Even if we have a more local approach, it’s Lyon, the region, the metropolis. But we try to make an impact every day and we hope the public will respond to that.”

A first for the OL Foundation

In addition to the charity component, this “hero match” ensures a legendary cast. The Parc OL will in fact be the scene of the duel between the “OL Légendes” team, which includes the majority of the players who won the first Lyon title in 2002, and the Unicef ​​team, represented in particular by the comedian Redouane from Marseille Bougheraba. The latter was quick to announce the color at a press conference on Monday.

“There are a lot of Marseillais in my team, so it will be an Olympico in disguise. he said with a big smile. I’ve resumed exercising but I can’t shed the pounds. I want to score this game with my loans and score for Grégory Coupet. It won’t be easy, but if I can do it, I’ll put 10,000 euros in the till.”

The challenge was launched and the promise set in stone with a date for May 10th at the OL Stadium. The sport is criticized by very few for the excesses that have been observed for years, but football remains a connecting and popular factor despite everything. I’UNICEF and theOL Foundation count therefore on these values ​​to see the Lyon case filled and thus raise a “kitten” that will exceed 400,000 euros for the first edition.

“All ticketing is for Projects related to children, be it with Unicef ​​​​​​and the OL Foundation, continued Maëlle Trarieux. The 4th edition of the foundation gala dinner, which is already sold out, is also taking place on this day, so that more than 30 companies have already responded to the call for donations.”

From 10 to 60€ per seat

Same story with Camille graduationCo-President of the OL Foundation who will return to the field with Sonia Bompastor for the event. “It’s a cause that’s close to our hearts, especially when you’re a mother like me. If you can contribute just by being on the pitch, you have to do it. Help out by watching a football game, there are worse things. There are few sports that can bring so many people together for a cause like this.”

So the whole family is behind its founding OIL which mobilizes to help children in the region, but also internationally. As Sonny remembered Anderson At the press conference, this game will only be a celebration and a success if the audience is present. Last October, the Vélodrome was full and it helped the cat a lot. Lyon residents can now respond by taking their place (from €10) at the ticket office already open.

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