The Occitania Region will invest more than 1 billion euros in educational institutions over a period of six years

This new multi-annual plan, approved a few days ago, will allow to continue the energy renovation and security of all high schools in the region.

“With this investment plan of more than one billion euros over six years, Occitania remains the leading region in France with 1,380 euros of investment per year and student, while the national average is 800 euros.” Kamel Chibli, Vice-President of the Occitania Region in charge of Education, Counseling, Youth and Sport, is very proud to reaffirm this commitment to education and youth.

This multiannual plan for investments in the educational institutions for which the region is responsible, approved last week, foresees a financial framework of more than 1 billion euros for the period 2021-2027, which is the same as the amount planned for the previous period. €800 million is spent on building or renovating high schools, with the rest divided between apprenticeships (€64.4 million), creps (48 million), public health training institutions (56 million) and higher education (88 million).

Completion of the safety and energy renovation of all high schools

Kamel Chibli highlights three priorities through this investment plan: “Complete the security of all high schools with the installation of turnstiles, barriers and cameras within a year, ensure the accessibility of all facilities for people with disabilities within three years, continue the energy-saving renovation of buildings.” On this last point, the efforts made since 2012 have made it possible to reduce gas consumption by 24%, electricity consumption by 4% and water consumption by 12%, welcomes the elected official. 78 high schools are already equipped with photovoltaics, 5 use geothermal energy.

Bio-based materials and local businesses

“We will continue to renovate roofs and insulation and strive to invest in locally sourced organic materials, whether wood, stone, recycled products, Traffic Camel Chibli. Our desire is to keep artisans working as much as possible so that that billion goes to local businesses at the same time. Of the 800 million allocated to secondary schools, almost half (396 million) will also be used to improve and refurbish boarding schools and school restaurants, again with a sustained commitment to organic and local food.

Regarding the construction or expansion of high schools, Kamel Chibli says he wants “To sustain the high schools of tomorrow by focusing on innovation and ensuring that students are involved in the design of their own facility, whether it be for a foyer or a youth boarding school, for example.”

Three new high schools announced

The plan envisages the construction of three new high schools in Occitania by 2027: one in Toulouse, one in Auterive, one east of Montpellier (1,500 students). Eight secondary school extensions are also on the agenda: Rosa Luxembourg in Canet-en-Roussillon, Champollion in Lattes, Léon Blum in Villefranche-de-Lauragais, Nelson Mandela in Pibrac, Dissard-Françoise in Tournefeuille.

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