the new nightmare of the Turpin children who are attacked in their foster home

While surviving the House of Secrets, five of the Turpin family’s thirteen children experienced another tragedy when they were attacked by their foster father.

An endless nightmare for the children of the Turpin family. Five of the thirteen victims of the House of Horrors, who managed to escape in 2018 after years of confinement by their parents in California, experienced another hell in the foster family where they were placed. The foster father who was supposed to take care of her is accused of assaulting her at least 50 times. Marcelino Olguin, 63, was arrested and charged with “indecent and lascivious acts on a child” and torture. His wife Rosa, 58, and their daughter Lennys, 37, are accused of helping him. You will be prosecuted for abuse, fraud and intimidation. The Daily Mail reports that they pleaded not guilty in Riverside Court last December.

However, the British media describe the facts they allegedly committed. “He told them they were hot, told them not to wear undershirts, told them they had good skin, kissed them forcefully,” said the author, Officer Salisbury, in his report. The Olguin family is also accused of forcing the Turpin children to attend a “confession circle” and “admit past abuse suffered by their siblings and what their birth parents forced them to do.” One of the brothers staying at the accused’s home was said to have been abused, “humiliated” and separated from his brothers and sisters. One of the youngest girls, 5, was reportedly given a sleeping pill and forced to stand against a wall while the defendants poured water on her and rang a bell in her ear.

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testimonies of the girls

After leaving the house of horror, the seven minor children were placed in foster homes. The six adult children received a court-appointed public guardian who looked after their health care, nutrition, security, shelter and education. ABC explained back in November that some of the foster homes where the children were housed had also been the scene of abuse. One of the foster parents even said to one of the girls that she understood why her parents chained her. The older ones would have been resented by guardians who would not have offered them support, for example by teaching them how to use public transport, how to cross the street properly and how to access health care services.

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Last November, two of the Turpin family’s grown daughters agreed to tell their story on ABC. Jennifer and Jordan, 33 and 21, look back on the time they escaped the House of Secrets where they had been held captive for years with their 11 siblings. As they trusted how much the return to freedom had been a moment of joy, they realized their new life was not what they had imagined. The chain conducted an investigation and stated that the state, which should normally have provided all the necessary aid to support it, had failed in its duties. “The public deserves to know what their government is and isn’t doing, and how we failed these victims,” ​​Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin said at the time. “It is inconceivable to me that we had the worst case of child abuse, arguably the most horrifying in California history, but we are unable to provide them with the essentials,” he added.

The parents of the thirteen children, Louise and David Turpin, were sentenced to life imprisonment with a 25-year security penalty in 2019. They pleaded guilty to 14 charges in February 2019, including torture or forcible detention. “I want to say I’m sorry for everything I’ve done. I love my children… I pray for my children every day. I’m really sorry for all the damage I’ve caused. I love her more than you can imagine,” the mother said during her trial.

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