The mother who killed her children was unstable and depressed

On the evening of March 11, the neighbors of 5 allée des Frênes in Villeneuve de Grenoble, alarmed by the smell of pestilence, warned the fire brigade. The latter discover the bodies of four children aged 3, 8, 10 and 12, three boys and a girl, in an advanced state of decomposition, and that of their mother Fatna, 39 years old. The neighbors hardly knew her. One of them explains that he last saw her about a month ago.


The five autopsies carried out on Monday did not make it possible to determine the causes of death According to the Grenoble prosecutor’s office, however, there was no breach or use of weapons. Additional analyzes, especially toxicological, are being carried out, they will take several weeks. However, the hypothesis favored by investigators is that of quadruple infanticide followed by maternal suicide using drugs or some other toxic product that needs to be determined.

Fatna, the mother, was a woman in great need, haunted by depression, mentally fragile, very weak in stature. She was the victim of violence from her husband Badis (37). When the couple lived in Sassenage in 2020, he grabbed her by the neck and threatened her with death. Which he had denied during his trial. He had also forced his children to view ultra-violent images such as executions. He had also been charged with a terrorism apology for a time before benefiting from a dismissal.

A couple who suffered from mental health problems

After this domestic violence, Fatna fled to a home in Albi in the Tarn with her children between February and June 2020. Her husband found her and even threatened to kill the home staff over the phone. who has reported it. Badis was therefore taken into custody. before being sentenced to 30 months in prison by the Grenoble Correctional Court last October. At his trial, the psychiatric examiner had described this man as paranoid.

In short, the children grew up in a violent climate, with dysfunctional parents and both with mental health problems. Back in Grenoble, the eldest son aged 12 was educated at Lucie Aubrac College, the boy and girl aged 10 and 8 attended the Trembles school. This Monday morning, a psychological cell was installed in each of these facilities. National Education reported the siblings’ chronic absence to prosecutors. The children had been the subject of educational assistance, which was lifted in 2020 when the mother went to Albi. However, no one had worried about not seeing the children back in class after the February break.

I am terribly shocked – Maitre Decombard, Father’s Attorney

Prior to 2020, the mother had been placed at Saint Egrève Psychiatric Hospital for treatment. The father then had custody of his four children. Then the mother took her children with her again because the couple had separated. “I am very shocked” explains Master Emmanuel Decombard of the Grenoble Bar Association. “I was my father’s lawyer. I followed him for 5 years. I had also met the mother, who was unstable. He had brought his children to my practice several times. They were beautiful, polite children. It’s terrible. I never thought it would end like this.”

After this terrible tragedy, a question arises: why was this family in great trouble not followed as it should have been, especially to protect the children? The investigation needs to clarify that.

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