The mother leaves her baby alone with the dog for a few seconds…

This mother feared for her life. While leaving her child alone with the family dog, tragedy struck. And her baby almost died there… In this article, the Objeko team tells you all about this absolutely extraordinary story that could have had disastrous consequences.

A mother of a toddler and her new dog

Catherine Svilicic is a fulfilled mother. The resident of Louisiana, USA has a baby girl named Charlotte. He is an adorable 17 month old baby. The young mother wants her child not to be alone. So she tried to adopt an animal. After careful consideration, she decided on a dog. Because what’s better than man’s best friend? Dogs are known to be very gentle with people. They are also known to take care of babies. Perfect for mom!

Catherine Svilicic therefore wanted to adopt a beautiful puppy without thinking of a specific breed. She especially wanted to bring back a dog from the shelter. So the mother went to the nearest kennel and fell in love with a dog. As soon as she saw Khan she knew he was the dog she wanted! The chemistry between the two was very good, and so she moved out with her four-legged companion.

It sounds strange, but Khan is… a Doberman! This is not usually the type of breed you would expect when caring for a newborn! In fact, they are often used as guard dogs and have a fearsome appearance!

Khan and Charlotte: crazy love

Charlotte’s mother was right to vote for Khan! The charming Doberman gets along great with the baby right away. From then on, Catherine is very happy to see her little baby awake and smiling in front of the dog, while the latter is very sweet and attentive. Despite the dog’s dangerous looks, it’s true love!

Therefore, the mother made a plan so that her daughter and the still young dog could be together for many years. Dobermans are intelligent, agile, and energetic dogs. This way, when little Charlotte is older, she can move around on her own and be physically active with her dog instead of being consumed by the TV or even worse by TikTok. Only, these beautiful plans were almost never realized. The mother almost lost her daughter on a beautiful summer day and her Doberman dog was badly involved in this horrible accident which could have been a lot worse…

The mother leaves her baby with the dog, a tragedy strikes…

It only takes a few seconds. Everything happened very quickly for Charlotte’s mother, who almost experienced a terrible tragedy. It was a beautiful November day, as is so often the case in Louisiana. Catherine uses the good weather to let her little girl play outside. And of course his trusty Khan is not far away! However, something very strange happened. The mother tells our colleagues from the Daily Mail:

Khan was very focused and appeared aggressive towards Charlotte – nudging her with his nose to no avail. So he grabbed her by the back of her diaper and threw her more than three feet into the air like a doll.

The mother is of course appalled by what is happening. She continues her incredible story:

« At that moment a snake sprang up. Charlotte looked shocked and Khan screamed like he had been stabbed. That’s when I realized he had tried to get between the snake and her before throwing her in the air.

While everything seemed to indicate that Khan the Doberman attacked the little girl, he actually saved her! As for the pooch, don’t worry! He was given an antidote and so he survived! This twisting story that Objeko just told you happened in 2007. Since then, Charlotte and Khan have remained inseparable, to the delight of Christine, the mother!

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