The Ministry of National Education summons up a “mistake”.

The test that the third-graders were given caused controversy over the form’s mention of the gender as “Other.” The Ministry of National Education eventually conceded it was “a mistake” and withdrew the proposal.

At the end of the test, the student must indicate whether they are male, female or otherwise before entering their surname and first name. A shape whose third choice provoked strong reactions, according to a press release from the club “lawyers for childrenprovided this information on Friday, April 1st. As a result, the Ministry of National Education withdrew the election “otherof the form.

Ideological Vector

This third mention of a genusotherwas denounced by the Association oflawyers for childrenin a statement Friday. “In fact, it is unacceptable for an English test to be a reason and a pretext for instilling in young students an ideology that challenges gender binary and the existence of two sexes, male and female, an ideology without any scientific basis and against the evidence as the most common experience‘ we can read. This statement then sparked strong reactions, and the ministry announced that it had also received numerous telephone complaints.

«error» withdrawn by the Ministry

The Ministry of National Education finally withdrew the election “other‘, considering that he ‘was a mistake“. contacted by Figarothe ministry justified the fact that the test took place on the platform of the France Education International Foundation. In this case, the foundation in question is under the supervision of and dependent on the ministry. Le figaro could not reach the foundation for further explanation. The Union “lawyers for children“then welcomed a decision in”Compliance with reality and French law‘ while deploring the confusion caused to some students.

Mandatory test count for the patent

As part of the “Plan for Modern Languages’ the around 800,000 ninth graders in France have until April 22 to take the Evalang English exam. The aim of this test:classify the level of the students in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) before they enter the second grade‘, according to the National Education website. All ninth grade students must therefore go to the France Education International platform and answer the Evalang test questions. Only at the end of the test do they fill out a form certifying their marital status, in which they are offered three genders: male, female and other.

In its most recent statement, the association “lawyers for children“invites the government to a”greater vigilance», given the child’s innocence, time and minority status. “This event shows the urgency of saving the youth from the obsessions that certain deconstruction-hungry adults want to inflict on them.‘ the press release warns.

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