The ministries of education and culture celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Bernhard reform

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the “Bernhard Reform” MENFP and MCC welcomed 50 of the 500 new teachers

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 (( – To mark the 40th anniversary of the reform carried out in 1982 by former Secretary of State for National Education Joseph Charles Bernard, aimed at fundamental changes in the education system, the Department of National Education and Training (MENFP) and the Ministry of Culture and Communication (MCC) organized a ceremony on Monday April 4, 2022 at the National High School of Pétion-Ville.

During this activity, Ministers Nesmy Manigat and Emmelie Prophète-Milcé welcomed 50 of the 500 new teachers. It was indeed the opportunity for the MENFP holder to draw attention to the importance of the “Bernard reform”, considered the alpha of all the reforms implemented in the Haitian education system since the 80s.

He took the opportunity to highlight the various ongoing and prospective actions linked to the 12 measures that follow, almost to the letter, the “Bernard Reform”, aimed at the recovery of the sector with a view to quality education, which is essential for all is accessible. . A high-quality education, he emphasized, which of course takes into account new technologies today.

In addition, Minister Nesmy Manigat was pleased to have hired these new teachers, most of whom are preparing to offer their services, particularly at the general sector level of the refurbished secondary school. He also praised the qualifications of the latter, which include all graduates of Accelerated Initial Training (FIA), Fundamental School Training Center (CFEF), Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), National School of Applied Geology (ENGA), National School of Arts (ENARTS) and the Faculty of Law and Economics (FDSE).

You will teach in the renovated secondary school the subjects falling under the following series: Life and Earth Sciences (SVT), Science, Mathematics and Physics (SMP), Economics and Social Studies (SES), Letters, Languages, Arts (ALL) .

A reform that is still inspiring 40 years later The holder of the MENFP did not fail to emphasize the 1982 decree entitled: Decree Organizing the Haitian Education System to Provide Equal Opportunities to All and to Reflect Haitian Culture, which is the legal basis formed for this reform. He highlights certain key points of this reform, namely the use of Creole as the language of instruction and as the language of instruction at all levels of the educational system; the creation of a full 9-year primary school and a 4-year secondary school; the teaching of citizenship education from the first year of elementary school to the last year of secondary school; the development of the professional and technical sector.

He also pointed out that the country will only regain its stability if young people learn a trade that allows them to earn a decent living and thus avoid a dangerous drift towards armed groups. While the place of Creole in education has been strengthened, Minister Manigat did not fail to draw attention to the need to pay more attention to other international languages, such as English and Spanish, whose number of speakers is increasing year by year among young Haitians under 35 years, which make up almost 70% of the population.

Young graduates entering the education system is good news

For her part, the Minister of Culture and Communications (MCC) welcomed the efforts of the MENFP, which is recruiting this new cohort of teachers. Emmelie Prophet-Milcé sees this decision as a further step towards integrating young people into all areas of society.

“This is good news for the MENFP and the MCC. Young graduates are integrating the education system that needs them so badly,” she said. Referring to the “reformed Bernard”, Minister Emmelie Prophète-Milcé believes that 1982 is a pivotal year in Haiti’s formal education. 40 years later, the decree dealing with this reform keeps the same topicality by showing the choices to be made for quality education.

The National School of Pétion-Ville is proud to have hosted the event

Jean Marc Charles, director of the National High School of Pétion-Ville, expressed his satisfaction that the organization of this double event took place within this public school establishment, which this year celebrates its 59th anniversary on the site of many the youth of this country.

He shortly announced the restoration of the fanfare of the national high school of Pétion-Ville, as well as that of the high school Alexandre Pétion, which also gave a good performance during this ceremony, which also took place in the presence of the directors general of the MENFP. ONAPE, FNE, the Mayor of Petion-Ville, several senior officials from the two ministries, officials from various educational institutions from which the nominated students came; also in the presence of national and international partners and several hundred students.

Words from new teachers

50 of the 500 new young teachers were present at the ceremony. Marie Jessy Kernizan, PhD student at the National School of Arts (ENARTS); Kervens Victor, PhD student at the École Normale Supérieure (ENS), and Junior Jules, PhD student at the National School of Applied Geology (ENGA), speaking on behalf of their fellow students, expressed their gratitude to the holder of the MENFP It is necessary to put them in to integrate the education system.

Gaston Réginald, Djerry Louis Jacques, Volny Malherbe and Baldé Marc Allain were occasionally used as teachers assigned to the national high school of Pétion-Ville. They received their Provisional Teaching Permit (PPE) and a Creole grammar as a gift.

To strengthen their skills, all 500 teachers must receive a digital tablet during the month of April.

Communication Office / MENFP

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