The Minister of Education comes out of silence after Moustapha Touré’s victory

The 7th edition of the SENICO Quran Recital Grand Prix competition, initiated by the Director General of Senegalese Industry and Commerce (SENICO), Abdoulaye Dia, was won by the young Moustapha Touré this Sunday, April 17, 2022.

Thus, the Minister of National Education, Mamadou Talla, broke the silence to congratulate the winner of said award. Here’s his full Facebook post!

Quran recitation: Here is Moustapha Touré, winner of the Senico Grand Prix (photos)Selected for you: Quran recitation: Here is Moustapha Touré, winner of the Senico Grand Prix (photos)

« Alhamdou Lilah, Louanges à Allah…
On behalf of the President of the Republic, Macky Sall, I had the honor of leading the government delegation to the awards ceremony for the winners of the 7th edition of the SENICO Grand Prix for Quranic recitation.

A national competition initiated by Mr. Abdoulaye Dia, Director General of Senegalese Industry and Commerce (SENICO), bringing together 50 candidates from different regions of Senegal.
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the lucky winner of the 2022 edition, the young Moustapha Touré from Diourbel, but also the other participants who were by no means unworthy.

On the contrary, they are all masters of having already memorized the Holy Quran and being able to recite it in extraordinary melodies.
I honored the memory of our late religious leader, Godfather Serigne Pape Malick SY, known for his eloquence and strong personality. A man of peace and dialogue at the service of his society, Godfather exemplified his intellectual curiosity.
He was an enlightened leader and a model of urbanity.

I welcomed the mobilization of all the actors and all the participants who honored us with this beautiful ceremony: the members of the jury, the organizers, etc. They did a serious job that was reflected in the quality of the services. This initiative is all the more important as it encourages and accompanies the Daara to learn and recite the Holy Qur’an properly.

All these are reasons that justify the commitment of the government, which has adopted a bolder policy in recent years with the construction of 64 modern daaras within the framework of PAMOD, the recruitment of 100 trained and commissioned Qur’an teachers, the support of 531 daaras with a rate of 1,700,000 FCFA per daara, the construction and equipping of 14 public pre-school daaras in progress with the PIPADHS, the inclusion of the construction of 100 daaras in the new Education Development Support Project, to name just these achievements.

Thanks again to these charitable acts of the DG of SENICO for his altruism and devotion to the Koran, who also built and equipped a “House of the Holy Koran” which was inaugurated yesterday, Saturday 16 April 2022. A jewel that now houses the headquarters of the SENICO Foundation and the National Associations of Koranic Schools in Senegal is a source of pride for Senegal.

As Minister of Education, it is a blessing to have the honor of leading such an activity during this Ramadan time. I am fulfilled and I thank God.
I wish every success to all young winners who will take part in international competitions of this kind. »

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