The Marseillais: Maddy Burciaga makes a huge fuss about her pregnancy!

Maddy Burciaga and Benjamin Samat unveil a new video that Marseille fans don’t understand…

Maddy Burciaga was recently unveiled the video in which she announces her pregnancy to Benjamin Samat. A detail amazes Marseille fans and completely ruins the couple’s expectations … MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

New Marseillais are ready to become parents

It is in the new season of the Marseillais currently airing on W9 that Benjamin Samat proposed to the beautiful Maddy Burciaga.

Happier than ever, the couple then spoke of their desire to start a family. And it’s done! The young woman is expecting a child nice brown.

“We didn’t really tell anyone., she explained in her Instagram story. It was announced suddenly in the step just last week to my parents, his parents and our friends. But it’s true that it was top secret for three and a half months. »

On the day of Thursday April 7, 2022The expectant mother wanted to surprise her millions of fans on Instagram. Uh yes!

She has therefore unveiled the video in which she announces the good news to those who have been sharing her daily life for some time.

There Benjamin Samat appears sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed. At his side is his companion, who hands him a small box. Upon opening, the famous Marseillais candidate discovers a small pair of shoes and a positive pregnancy test.

He bursts into tears and then cuddles up to his lover, touched to see him so happy. but the reaction of internet users is not really what you expected… MCE TV tells you more!

The Marseillais: Maddy Burciaga makes a huge fuss about her pregnancy!

Maddy Burciaga sets the record straight

In the video shared by Maddy Burciaga on Instagram, a small detail caught the attention of netizens. It is a balloon on which we can read: “The baby is coming”.

Marseille fans don’t really understand Benjamin Samat’s surprise with the presence that giant clue in the room.

“How surprised when there is a balloon: baby is coming”, asks a user. “He didn’t expect the ball? », another wonders.

Questions answered by Maddy Burciaga. We don’t necessarily see it, but the famous Marseillais candidate did Eyes closed at the beginning of the video.

“The video lasted 3 minutes and in real it lasts 1 minute, explains the mother-to-be. So I couldn’t put you at the beginning where I tell Benji to close his eyes, I put him down. And the little balloon It was so that on the video we clearly understand that the baby is comingyou know that, there’s music and inside was the test, the slippers…”

“I’ve seen some who didn’t get it, who thought it was announcing sex but nothing to do,” then she explains. We let you discover the famous video!

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