The Marseillais: Maddy and Benjamin Samat reveal the gender of their baby!

The Marseillais family grows again. But will Benjamin and Maddy welcome a little girl or boy?

Great news for Les Marseillais. And for good reason, Maddy and Benjamin Samat are preparing to welcome their first child. But then, girl or boy ? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The Marseille family is growing

Recently, the Marseillais have been noticed again and again. Indeed, the famous contestants of reality TV never go unnoticed. uh yeah they are not afraid of anything. So to the delight of the problem king.

But if there really is an issue that moves the Marseillais family, these are the stories of the heart. And for good reason, pairs form, tear apart, and the crush ensues. In short, the romantics really seem to be in heaven.

Also, Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega keep talking about it. And for good reason, nothing is ever easy between the two lovebirds. They don’t shy away from separating in order to offer each other new opportunities and then tear. So her fans seem completely lost.

And yet Greg Yega could well target another woman. And yes, it’s his ex-loving Mélanie Orl. The Marseille Star seems to have succumbed once again to beauty. Something that fascinates internet users.

Meanwhile, while nothing is going well for Greg, Benjamain Samat seems to be on cloud nine. And yes, the Marseillais candidate is about to become a father for the first time. But then, girl or boy? MCE TV tells you more!

Benjamin and Maddy announce the baby’s gender

these last few years many babies were born in the Marseilles family. And yes, the latter has expanded greatly. Too sweet !

After Jessica, Julien, Kevin or even Nikola, It’s Benjamin Samat and his darling Maddy’s turn to become parents. Indeed, the Marseille couple feels comfortable and ready to welcome a little baby. What makes the web so melt.

As a reminder, the couple file has been talking about love for a little over a year. They met in Dubai. And since then they spend all their time together. in summary, You really seem happier than ever.

Next, Benjamin even decided to propose her hand in marriage. And after a beautiful wedding, it’s the baby’s turn. The couple therefore decided to share this new adventure on their social networks. To the delight of the most curious.

But today the two Marseillais decided to share a small detail. And yes, they finally know the gender of their baby. So girl or boy?

In fact, Maddy was sure of herself: she said she was expecting a little boy. And to the delight of the father, he was right. As a matter of fact, She announced the big news on her Instagram account.

So we can read: “We are pleased to announce that we are… expecting a baby boy. » The mom-to-be even added: « So happy Only the first name remains to be agreed. ideas ? »

But then, What should the new child be called Marseilles? To be continued.

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