The Marseillais: Benjamin Samat announces Maddy’s pregnancy!

Maddy shared a photo on her Instagram account announcing that she is expecting a child with Benjamin Samat (Les Marseillais)!

W9 has been broadcasting new episodes of Marseillais for a few weeks. Maddy has made her big comeback on reality TV to join her darling Benjamin Samat. Both also have recently made an announcement.

Benjamin Samat asks Maddy for marriage

In recent episodes of The Marseillais in Mexico, Benjamin Samat and Maddy (Les Marseillais) have passed a milestone in their relationship. In fact, the young man . Unsurprisingly, she accepted.

This Sunday, April 3rd, the two lovebirds announced great news. On their Instagram account, they announced that a future baby Samat would add to the family. And the least we can say is that they wowed the fans.

In her photo, Benjamin Samat (Les Marseillais) appeared on the train kissing his loved one’s pretty baby bump. The latter then appeared in a sublime, tight-fitting black dress. In her hand she showed her baby’s echo.

In her second photo, the young woman showed the echo exactly. In the caption of her Instagram photo, she also wrote: “BABY SAMAT is coming. We’re happy to share that with you soon we will be 3« .

Maddy (Les Marseillais) added: “Our dreams come true a little bit more every day… I love you more than anything. And I can’t wait for us to be future moms and dads.”.

The reality TV contestant also revealed it was her 14 weeks pregnant amenorrhea. With her photo, she also collected more than 120,000 “likes” from her fans in just a few minutes.

Maddy and Benjamin Samat (Les Marseillais) are expecting a baby soon

In the comments, several celebrities wanted to congratulate the couple from Marseille. This is especially true for Wesley: “Ola la la too happy for you!!! A boyfriend or girlfriend for Lennie Mazal tov the family ».

Theo Soggiu also wrote: “The best is yet to come. The best adventure in the world. Happy birthday again friends ». His lover Stephanie Durant added: “Congratulations again friends. The most beautiful thing in the world ».

Fiji Ruiz also revealed to Maddy (Les Marseillais): “I didn’t catch anything. OMG shocked. Congratulations to you ! Full of joy “. Jeremstar also congratulated the two lovebirds. He is very happy for her.

“OMG congratulations. I told you about that the other time ». Before the emphasis: “The baby will be one of those bombshells with two parents like that”. At the moment Maddy (Les Marseillais) has not given any further information.

Fans are still excited to learn a little bit more. Some are wondering if the reality TV contestants plan to reveal the baby’s gender in the coming days. Again this year Many reality TV babies are born.

As a reminder, her 2nd baby. As a reminder, she is already the mother of a little boy named Milann. The beauty was also supposed to give birth in two months. The beauty has already scheduled a caesarean section.

Maddy (Les Marseillais) will also be there give birth to their first baby. She will certainly give information on her social networks. We have to stay tuned. case follows!

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