The ‘Hot Mom’ influencer slammed her post-pregnancy body ‘bragging’

She’s in hot water now too.

Self-proclaimed TikTok ‘hot mom’ Aga Bordes has been slammed by users for fueling impossible beauty standards when she said it took her two weeks to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight, according to the DailyMail.

In the latest video, Bordes is shown walking down the street with her two-week-old in what she calls a “hot mommy walk.”

“POV: You’re two weeks away from giving birth, you’re back in all your clothes, it’s a beautiful sunny day, you’re taking your mama for a walk, your baby is fed and happy, life is good,” she captioned it Video.

The blonde wore skin-tight blue leggings and a white crop top in the clip, which racked up nearly half a million views.

Several female TikTok users immediately criticized Bordes for his “unrealistic” attitude.

“Let’s not normalize as we return to normal two weeks postpartum. I couldn’t even leave my house for the first two months,” commented an angry mother.

“You must be insecure about having to post everything about it. Kudos for making other first time moms feel like they should exercise and eat healthy,” commented another person.

Aga Bordes did not directly respond to users who said mean things, but simply wished well to all the moms who commented.

Other TikTok users managed to poke fun at themselves instead of chasing after the young mum while others looked up to her from afar.

“I’m still in my maternity leggings 28 weeks postpartum,” said one woman.

“She looks stunning so she can more than kiss her… I’ll cry in my pizza though,” said one netizen.

“Daughter I’m so jealous of you,” added another. “It’s 100% bragging rights.”

TikTok mom shamed for pushing
A TikTok mom is mortified for pushing “unrealistic” recovery standards after posting video of herself extremely thin two weeks after giving birth.
The blonde wore tight blue pantyhose and a white crop top.
The blonde wore tight blue leggings and a white crop top.

Aga Bordes didn’t respond directly to users who said mean things, just wishing all moms who spoke up well, admitting that even she couldn’t dodge maternity pads.

“I’m healthy and happy and I’m not afraid to show it,” Bordes said.

“I might struggle with other things that others don’t have,” said the influencer, who posted follow-up videos detailing her process.

Bordes added that she thinks people who attack “feel bad.”

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