The History of Anthony Kavanagh’s Children’s Names

Anthony Kavanagh, passionate showman and fulfilled father

Those who don’t like labels are the only ones they accept. “I define myself as an artist who does a show, who entertains people, that’s what I do for a living. I can do that by singing, making people laugh, hosting, making films, etc.” Anthony Kavanagh, currently a comedian in Paris, returns to the front of the stage with his new show Happy, in which this time he has a lot to say about his relationship with his partner Alexandra and the mother of his two children. Matthew, 12 years and Alice, 6 years. Long fascinated by humans and freshly graduated from a course in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), a discipline that “dissects” the behavior of people experiencing achievement, the young Quebec father decided to study what people do in order to be “happy”. to be. For himself, but also for his audience. In his latest show, Anthony Kavanagh plays it serious, giving advice from happy people – without ever giving lessons – illustrated in a “caricatured” way, with his familiar touches of humor and plenty of self-mockery.

Anthony Kavanagh tells us about his children

“Mathis is a Zen child. When he was little he was a real Buddha, not in the sense that he was an obese little bald man, huh, but on the quiet side. He doesn’t look like a Eurasier (laughs) . He is a very energetic boy, very popular at school, he has many friends. He gets a lot of attention from young girls, but that doesn’t bother him. I’m not very interested yet. He’s smart, he knows how to have fun, he’s not afraid to approach others. I am very proud of my son, he is polite, generous, manages to assert himself. Take the opportunity to say hello and congratulations to his mother who also did a good job, we both did the right thing with our son.

My daughter Alice is a real clown. She’s beautiful, charismatic, Alice, it’s my country, my wonder. She embodies the zest for life on two legs, she is greedy, always in a good mood. She is generous, she loves to make drawings for everyone. She loves to dance, is super cuddly, loves her daddy. She tells me she loves me, that I’m beautiful. We give them full love with my wife. I’ve talked about my son several times on my previous shows and I wrote a song for my daughter in an EP “Finally” I released last year in Canada and Switzerland called “All about you”.

The history of the first name Mathis

“It was difficult to find the children’s names (laughs). My wife and I didn’t agree at all. We found our son’s after my wife was born, when I went to City Hall to register his birth! If I wasn’t the 2nd of the name because my name is Anthony Kavanagh Junior, my father’s name was Anthony Kavanagh, I would have named my child Anthony, my wife agreed too, well we finally agreed on the first name Mathis, we always thought so Still thinking about using Anthony as a middle name, but I wanted to pay tribute to his mother, whose name is Alexandra. So we chose Alexandre as a middle name, which I also really liked. Today my son says to me: “I would like to have me called like you, papa”, even if he likes his first name very much”.

The history of the name Alice

“Choosing my daughter’s name was easier. We also looked at the etymology. As for our eldest, we wanted a balance between her two first names, one gentle and one bolder. So we picked Alice and then Victoria Second. We found Alice’s first name before she was born!”

The etymology of the name Mathis

The first name Mathis comes from the Hebrew, “gift of God”. Emerging in the ’90s with the radiance of a new first name, he established himself as the modern heir to Mathias and Mathieu. It jumped to number 3 on the charts in 2006. The character of the person who bears this first name according to L’Officiel des Prénoms 2022 (first editions): originality, spirituality, knowledge, philosophy, prudence.

The etymology of the name Alice

This ancient derivation of Adelaide comes from the siblings adal, ‘noble’, meaning ‘ancestry’, hence its meaning: ‘of noble birth’. The first name Alice was widely used until the 17th century and then fell into disuse until Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice in Wonderland helped to revive it in the late 19th century. She became rare in the 1930s and discreetly returned in the late 1990s. Alice continues to appeal to French parents. In 2022, it ranks 5th in the top 20 first names most often attributed to little girls in France, achieving a French-speaking triple thanks to its success in Quebec, French-speaking countries and Wallonia. According to the same source, the character of Alice is: communication, pragmatism, optimism, determination, creativity.

Happy Show, At La Gaîté Montparnasse, from Wednesday to Saturday at 7pm.

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