Mbour, 2 April (APS) – The High Council on Social Dialogue (HCDS) reaffirms its commitment to building and consolidating the education and training system in lasting stability by signing a Sectoral Pact for Social Stability.

In a resolution published at the end of their 25th Plenary Assembly in Saly-Portudal (Mbour, West), HCDS members reaffirmed their institution’s “commitment” to “work in synergy with government and trade unions in the public sector of the education and training with a view to building and consolidating the system of education and training in lasting stability by signing a Sectoral Pact for Social Stability in accordance with the Directive of the President of the Republic of Senegal Macky Sall, during the Council of Ministers of March 2, 2022”.

At the end of this plenary session, which took place at the end of March, they recommended “the regular functioning of the supervisory committee responsible for ensuring the correct implementation” of the agreement that last February put an end to the strike that rocked the education sector for several weeks .

They say they “welcome the sense of dialogue between stakeholders that is enabling the signing of this agreement,” which ended the four-month teachers’ strike.

Teachers felt disadvantaged by a remuneration system that was considered unfair. They asked the government to apply the memorandum of understanding signed by the two parties in 2018, which mainly concerns improving teachers’ remuneration by increasing the amount of several allowances related to housing, education, control and supervision.

The state had to pay an extra 100 billion FCFA to deal with complaints from teachers’ unions, particularly about increases in some of their allowances.

HCDS members say they congratulate the government, public education and training sector unions, the Education and Training Sector Social Dialogue Committee (CDS/SEF) and civil society organizations working in education “for the sense of dialogue and the Efforts made that have made possible the signing of the agreement of February 26, 2022”.

In its resolution, the HCDS “also encourages the unions of public health workers and the government to consolidate their measures in a continuous dynamic to improve the performance of the health system”.

He urges them to “encourage dialogue with regulators to improve the social climate during the period of industry meetings set out on 10 first half of April 2022”.

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