The grown-ups rallied in Limoges around their passion for miniature railways

Formerly installed in several rooms, the exhibitors of the model railway show gathered on Sunday 27 March in the leisure room in Limoges. Hence the impression of a larger crowd than in previous years.

This exchange is valued by model railway enthusiasts because they find something all the parts to decorate a stage or recreate a small train from the 1950s.

The model club is 50 years old

“I collect comic-related trains, like the old locomotives in Tintin says Michel, who comes from Périgueux. “It’s a family passion. My brother is 75, I’m 66 but it’s taking up too much space at home and we’re here to part with the excess. »

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“We have inherited a beautiful collection, and there are rare things that are of great value. This exchange grant makes it possible to share these pieces with collectors,” testifies Sébastien, who comes from Charente-Maritime.

It’s a family passion. My brother is 75, I’m 66 but it takes up too much space at home…

The small railway world is a world of insiders with their references, their brands and their specialist dealers. Many collectors got their first train as children and kept that little star within them.

Just like Christian, originally from Saint-Solve in the Corrèze, who specializes in the conversion of miniature trains. “Customers send me machines and I update them. You can add LEDs, sound and many other things to improve trains that are 40 or 50 years old. Collectors are the happiest in the world. »

Thematic collections, but expensive…

“In model railroading, there are those who like to make sets, collections, other electricity or computers. Some collect trains from very specific eras. The prices tend to go up and that’s why there are fewer young people,” admits Yves Lenoir, organizer of the Limougeaud show.

The prices tend to rise and that’s why there are few young people.

The Limousin Model Railway Club is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

He is looking for new associative spaces in Limoges to house his workshops and library. The next show will be in Limoges on October 13th.

Frank Jaquet

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