the fear of Covid-19 positive parents who separated from their children in Shanghai

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Another day of confinement for Shanghai’s 26 million residents as the Chinese economic capital faces its worst outbreak of Covid-19 cases since the pandemic began. With the parents’ fear, beyond the fear of the virus, of being separated from their children in the event of a positive test.

From our Beijing office, Stephane Lagarde and Louise May

The images went viral on the Chinese internet this Friday evening, April 1. Videos and photos showing children walking alone or crying infants lying in rows of onions in small beds with iron bars have angered Internet users, starting with worried parents.

Ms. Zhu tested positive Covid-19She hasn’t seen her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter for four days. ” We were diagnosed positive on March 26th. And then on the 29th the hospital told us we needed to be transferred and separated. I said no. My daughter is too small. But they insisted. And under pressure, I agreed to have my child taken to the clinic in Jinshan ‘ she testifies.

The Jinshan Public Health Clinic in Shanghai, which isolates positive children under the age of 6, responded this Saturday. The images broadcast on the networks would not come from the quarantine center for minors, they would have been taken during an internal movement of the hospital’s pediatric service. ” Due to the increasing number of children infected with the new coronavirus and in order to improve the hospital environment, our hospital has adapted the children’s department to the outpatient and emergency room building. Since the number of admitted children continues to increase, an internal division of the department is necessary (…) To strengthen the children’s department, an additional team of pediatricians has been added to optimize the admission and treatment process and to strengthen communication with the parents ‘ says the hospital.

“We don’t know what’s going on there”

Separation coupled with lack of information is the main fear of families in China. Ms. Zhu said she heard from her daughter today above a group on WeChat communicating with her estranged husband at a third hospital, two nurses and a doctor.

She worries that she found out that her daughter had a mild fever three days ago. ” My request is very simple, I want my daughter to come back to me, I want to take care of her. We don’t know what’s going on there. When I saw Jinshan’s video (Friday) night, I went crazy! My daughter is alone, she is only two and a half ‘ warns the mother of the family.

According to the Chinese Women’s Association’s WeChat account in an article titled “ in negotiation ‘, 53 positively confirmed children and 252 other asymptomatic children would have been treated by the Jinshan clinic since the start of the Covid-19 resurgence in Shanghai.

The director of a charity in Hong Kong this week entrusted to South China tomorrow post that up to 2,000 children under the age of 10 have been separated from their parents in Hong Kong hospitals over the past six weeks after contracting Covid-19.

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