The famous night of Java, how to prepare?

What is Java Night?

After 9 months in your warm tummy it’s time for baby to be born! At the very beginning of his life, baby doesn’t realize what just happened to him. He’s slowly discovering that the world around him is new and very different from the 9 months he spent warm in your belly. And he sleeps a lot. Lots. For you, those first moments with him are like an explosion of ultimate happiness, sweet moments bathed in love and the joy of his birth and your encounter. Anyway, that was before the night of Java. It occurs on the second or third night of the baby’s life after birth. The newborn, who was rather quiet until then, becomes very restless, wants to be in mother’s arms all the time, cries, wants to be on her skin all the time, asks for the breast all the time… The baby is always looking particularly attentive again from his mother. In this well-known but never scientifically studied phase, baby makes the transition between his fetal life and his new life, his rhythm changes. Her sweet baby then turns “into a screaming and stomping monster,” as journalist Renée Greusard puts it so beautifully in her book Being a Mom: Everything You Don’t Say About Parenting (JC Lattes edition). This is a normal and natural step.

You don’t have to bring holy water and your prayer book to watch your baby scream like a monster until dawn. Java night is a strenuous and very tiring stage. The young mother can quickly feel helpless, especially if she has not been informed of these events. More or less tested by birth, the weary mother can then be distraught. Some even wonder about their breastfeeding (“is my baby being fed enough?”), whether breast or bottle. During Java night and the days leading up to it, it’s important for her to rest, and some tricks can help her with that:

– Ask the father to stay in the maternity ward to sleep while the baby adjusts (if possible)

– Limit visits from family and friends to the maternity ward. Meeting new people can be stressful for your newborn,

– We repeat, try to rest to regain your strength and get your head above water.

Baby manifests itself mainly through cries and screams from birth. He feels safe and reassured every time his parents respond to his requests, and so he gains confidence in himself, but also in those close to him. This also creates the bond of attachment that is essential for the balance of the child and later adult. As often as possible, soothe your baby when she asks for it. Keep him close, favor contact with the baby by practicing skin contact, give him the breast or bottle when he asks.

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