the family of Enzo, who died at the age of 18 after a fight in Tarbes, sends this message

The funeral of Enzo Péridy, a young 18-year-old from Lons who died last week from his injuries, took place this Monday, March 28, 2022 in Soumoulou (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). His family wanted to send a message of prevention to the youth.

“I held my little brother’s hand until his last breath, says Alexandre Monteiro, Enzo’s big brother. I made him a promise to fight to ensure that these facts do not repeat themselves. I want to convey a message to these young people. Free violence leads nowhere.” On the eve of the 18-year-old high school student’s funeral, which will take place this Monday, March 28, his family decided to speak. Not to complain, she emphasizes, but to warn young people so that what happened to her son, her brother, does not happen again: do not drink too much alcohol, stay in a group at parties.

On March 18, the tragedy happened. Enzo, 18 years old from Lonsois, goes with friends to a nightclub in Tarbes, in the Arsenal district, to celebrate the 100 days before graduation, the “percent”. At the end of the evening, his paths crossed with another young man, 19 years old, from Asson im Béarn. The latter deals him a blow that would have brought the boy down. His head hits the ground violently. Enzo was transported to the Purpan Hospital in Toulouse and died three days later. The Tarbes prosecutor’s office has opened a court investigation and charged the 19-year-old boy with “fatal bodily harm by a person while intoxicated”. He faces 20 years in prison. He is now in custody.

AT The day before his funeral, his parents, big brother, and sister-in-law came together to contribute and share a moving testimony. “It’s a fight that we want to fight so that it can be useful for young people so that it doesn’t happen again”, explain his parents. His father, Didier Péridy, also wants to raise awareness, especially that of the alleged attacker and his relatives: “Let him, his friends, if they are like him… This must not happen again. Don’t let it lead to anything.”

“He was a light for everyone. As soon as someone was not well, he went to him. He forgot to help others.” emphasizes his mother Natie Filipe.

The Péridy family is hoping for justice from the future trial “Law.”

If there is no justice, I cannot grieve. I go to bed with him, I get up with him. My day is shaped by him. It’s a nightmare. As if you had an illness that gnaws at you every day.

Nation Filipe, Mama d’Enzo Péridy

France 3 Aquitaine

“Regardless of the outcome of the court, one thing must be known: Since Friday, March 18, 5:48 am, when I learned of the tragedy, I have been sentenced to life. I turn 55 today, my life is over.”says Didier Peridy.

Testimony of Enzo Péridy’s family, collected by E. Daycard and M. Lasbarrères

Enzo, 18, was a student in the administrative management terminal at Beau Frêne Vocational School in Pau. As a member of Pau’s 5th RHC (Helicopter Gunship Regiment) and a volunteer firefighter, he hoped to join the Special Forces. This Monday, March 28, his funeral took place in the early afternoon in Soumoulou (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), where his mother lives. The soldiers of the 5th Regiment carried his coffin. A tribute to this young man who died young.

As for the investigation, the exact causes of Enzo’s death are still being determined.

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