The family engages in a showdown with the authorities

A year and a half after the professor’s death, Samuel Paty’s family accuses the state of not having foreseen the threat. While the investigation into the assassination is still ongoing, a charge of ” Failure to help vulnerable people and failure to prevent crime was filed against agents of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Education on Wednesday, April 6, according to information from Libération.

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The main complaint lies in intelligence shortcomings. The beginning of the fatal cycle that led to the assassination of the history and geography professor in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine on October 16, 2020 was indeed detected by the services, which, however, did not warn of the danger of an attack. .

territorial intelligence

At the College Bois d’Aulne, the presentation of cartoons of Muhammad in class sparked controversy among some students’ parents. The Yvelines Territorial Intelligence Service (RT), responsible for assessing threats at the local level, is quickly brought to the attention of the issue. On October 12, four days before the murder, RT78 mentions it in a note consulted by the crossthat ” lively controversy ” and the “ threat of demonstrations and the involvement of a well-known Islamist activist, Abdelhakim Sefrioui. However, he concludes that tensions have eased thanks to ” Communication between management and families ». « No major tensions can be felt within the college. »

Speaking to the parliamentary intelligence delegation (DPR), the director of RT78 stressed the fact that due to the lockdown, his service does not have access to information of a legal nature. In this case, he had no elements related to the complaints of the family man Brahim C. – author of a video call to action against the professor – and of Samuel Paty, notes the annual report of the DPR published at the end of 2021.

« They viewed the event through the prism of public order and not the terrorist threat, Details an intelligence specialist. Communication with the judiciary could perhaps have diverted the files. »

No protection

The services were also unable to identify the threat posed by 18-year-old Chechen Abdoullakh A., whose Twitter account had nevertheless been reported on the Pharos platform.

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In addition, the entire chain is singled out. Starting with supporting national education, which would not have taken the necessary measures. According to the family “From October 8th to October 16th, Samuel Paty, the principal and the faculty identified a serious threat to their physical integrity and the safety of the college.” The professor should have been protected and a security device should have been implemented at the Collège du Bois d’Aulne, she believes.

Corresponding releasethe complaint filed on Wednesday follows two letters the family sent to the ministers concerned on March 25, which went unanswered.

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