The exchange between Laëtitia Provenchère and her mother shocked netizens

Laëtitia Provenchère: A mother raising her four children alone

Laëtitia, a new mother that touches netizens. Her arrival on the cult show is very recent as viewers have only been getting to know her since March 2022. But she has everything to become an iconic mother. She might even outshine the show’s big star, Amandine Pellissard. And if she’s at the head of a tribe big enough to integrate the show today, she probably wouldn’t have imagined it a few years ago.she who suffers PCO syndrome.

“After a few months of research, the protocol is drawn up, we carry out several insemination attempts, Guillaume manages to take a more perspective than me, I see every month as a failure. I’m lucky not to have had any miscarriages in these few months and to have a super-dad-to-be with me at every check-up!!! Almost a year after the start of the protocol, on October 11th, 2017, Nolann’s insemination works and we are expecting OUR child for the first time (…) I tell myself that I already have a chance to have a child and that failure is a lot less painful. We have a break in our tests due to the lockdown and a new final test on 06/10/2020 which will then produce OUR 3 miracles« .

Laëtitia annoyed by her mother…too slow

The show therefore invites us to discover the everyday life of this mother who has been raising her children alone since the tragic death of her husband following an accident at work. She therefore has to organize herself as well as possible every day for her children Nolann, Emmy, Lyna and Noëlya. Viewers are used to seeing her always smiling, positive and motivated. But she is also stressed, especially when she has to organize a week’s vacation with her mother at her mother’s with her children.

« As a single mom leading a large family with triplets who are only nine months old and are getting impatient, that’s always a bit of a stress! (…) ” My challenge sometimes is to take a shower during the day!«

Laëtitia Provenchère: The mother therefore calls her mother to make sure that she has bought what is needed for her children. But her mother, too slow for her liking, makes Laëtitia lose patience: ” So yogurt is good? compotes? Mom, I don’t have time, I have to wash myself! (…) Also, she doesn’t listen, she makes me go phew! But I beg you, listen to me now, Ginette!«

Not enough to shock all those people who have already been organizationally stressed in their lives or who are quick to get annoyed when their interlocutor does not listen to them… We sense a mother who wants to take a shower and is afraid of not having enough time on his day.

Listen: The organizational secret of Laëtitia

Laëtitia Provenchère: Laëtitia’s everyday life is not the easiest with three children who are only nine months old. Dealing with one baby is already complicated, so let’s introduce you to three. And inevitably, the housework is more extensive: « I make machines all the time, even more so for the holidays. Clothes, there are plenty of them, not to mention milk and diapers… I made my little notes for the holidays, I calculated how much I need for the triplets (…) For the week, in consumables, I’m at 120 day diapers and 24 night diapers. I have three 1.2kg cans of milk a day.« .

In order to be able to organize herself as well as possible, she has found the solution, lists: « It may seem a bit military, but I have no choice when I’m alone and I find that it makes my life easier (…) I have a lot to think about, with the 4 children I don’t have time to wonder! So I make little lists and cross off what I’ve done as I go…”

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