The employees of the Amilly children’s village demand a Ségur bonus for all employees

This Tuesday, April 5, the workforce went on strike to protest the unequal distribution of a premium between employees. Depending on the Fondation Action Enfance, the Amilly Children’s Village takes care of children and young people in need who are entrusted to it by the courts. In February 2022, Jean Castex announced the extension of the upgrade “Ségur” for professionals in the socio-educational field. The salaries of professionals in the sector must therefore increase with this bonus of 183 euros net per month. But it wouldn’t apply to everyone.

Not graduated, not awarded

The text provides for the bonus to be implemented on April 1, 2022. However, the fixed and final list has not been released. “The Action Enfance Foundation supports this strike.” The decisions presented by the government do not provide certainty that all employees will benefit from this bonus. This is problematic as not all degrees are listed. It is feared that some employees will be forgotten. The staff involved in caring for the child is also not mentioned.“, explains Sandra Macé, director of the Amilly Children’s Village.

A banner at the gates of the facility. Picture CK

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“Housewives, cleaners, secretaries … all these employees are not included in the bonus” that the employed must receive, says Chrystèle Pelard, delegate of the Force Ouvrière union.

Sadia has been working at the Amilly Children’s Village for eleven years. Although she is not a graduate, her peers still recognize her reflexes as an educator in the field. “After four years of practice, I asked to be allowed to train. Instead I was offered a VAE (Validation of Lessons Learned, Editor’s Note)”, explains the young woman. An offer she declined because “To appreciate my work, I need a diploma. In addition, we must be trained to meet the needs of deficient children.”

The management, for its part, ensures that it meets the training needs of its employees. Nine of them are currently training to become monitor educators alongside their working hours.

Don’t split employees

Tatiana is an early childhood educator who graduated in 2018. She recognizes the synergy between colleagues, whether they are graduates or not. “We all do the same job, I don’t understand why they are not entitled to this bonus. We complement each other!” And let’s not forget Sadia, trained in rescue and first aid on the job, Emilie, who has worked as a caregiver for ten years and is the perfect person to treat everyday injuries, using her own knowledge of child behavior (eg. B. sleep disorders). …

That’s the problem with this piece of legislation: When are people considered qualified or not? The text makes no mention of carers or nannies, who nonetheless have their place in a home with children under the age of six,” stresses Sandra Macé.

32 new family educators

Unqualified people were not the focus of the demands, but the mobilization was an opportunity to discuss the unattractive conditions of their jobs (on-call duty, night work, holidays, self-advocacy like hospital staff). Since the pay gap between graduates and non-graduates is already significant, eviction from non-graduates to receive this bonus may not help in hiring, believes Chrystele Pelard.

Some employees say they see a turnover of new hires. “It takes time to train people who don’t stay. In the field, some become disillusioned. They leave when we are supposed to be a caregiver for the children,” regrets one employee. Sandra Macé replies that tutoring has been set up for ex-employees so that they can support the onboarding of new employees. The management is annoyed by this feeling of fluctuation: “In one and a half years we have almost doubled our workforce by hiring 32 family educators within a very short time. It’s difficult for the team to live with this change.”

A slogan of the mobilized personnel. Picture CK

Cecile Kettanjian

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