The early childhood and family programs of Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron: Enforceable Custody and CMG Reform
“I am a candidate to continue to prepare the future of our children and our grandchildren”, announced outgoing President Emmanuel Macron in his letter to the French formalizing his candidacy in early March. During his campaign’s travels and interventions, the candidate distilled some key actions and proposals, claiming to put children, young parents and single mothers at the heart of the next five-year term.

Enforceable custody of children
“Among the battles that remain to be fought, my priority is to provide, as quickly as possible, the 200,000 child care solutions that are still missing today, leaving some parents with unacceptable choices between family and work life. This is even more true for single mothers. Therefore, we will create enforceable custody of children under the age of three. Municipalities are thereby financially encouraged to set up crèche places and build up networks of childminders. »

Measures for single parents
“We will support single parent incomes by increasing minimum child support and family support levels by 50%. It will increase from €116/month/child to €174/month/child. (…) “Single parents will primarily benefit from staggered childcare times for their children. » (Excerpt from his program)

The extension of the cmg from 6 to 12 years for single parents
“For single parents, we will extend childcare support up to university entrance, which currently ends at the end of elementary school. Today, the allowance for individual childcare (childcare supplement) ends at the age of 6 years. But after 6 years, a child no longer takes care of itself and families, especially single parents, find themselves in a sometimes very complicated situation, especially when it comes to reconciling work and private life. That is why we will extend the support for individual childcare for single parents up to the age of 12, i.e. when they start high school, which today ends at the age of 6, i.e. when they start primary school. This extra help is offered for up to 50 hours per week, which is 2.5 hours every night after school. It can also be used to meet more specific needs, such as: B. training or a need for rest, as well as for atypical hours. » (Excerpt from his program)

300 million euros to reform the CMG announced at Printemps de la Petite Enfance
During the Printemps de la Petite Enfance on March 21, co-organized by the Early Childhood Pros, Anne de Bayser, in charge of relations with civil society on the candidate’s campaign team, gave some details for the experts who asked him about Emmanuel Macron’s ambitions early childhood area: “We want to promote all methods of reception, whether collective or individual, and we want to be able to guarantee this reception solution to all families. As such, we see that today, particularly for the most disadvantaged families, there is an effort ratio that is sometimes doubled between a modest, disadvantaged family placing their child in group intake mode or placing their child in individual intake mode. We want to be able to leave this freedom of choice to everyone, which therefore requires a thorough reform of the childcare allowance so that the effort ratio of the families is almost the same regardless of the choice we have made in terms of home mode. (…) We even put a figure (note: this ambition), there are 300 million euros that make it possible to initiate this reform of the childcare allowance. (…)” and “ Overall, we know that we’re going to have an additional effort of more than a billion, a billion and a half to develop the methods of financing this type of child care. (…) It is for all childcare incentive and support mechanisms. » Anne de Bayser is also mentioned “a real enrichment of the initial training”in the extension of the already approved 40 million for the further training of early childhood professionals until 2023. With “ a minimum baseline of initial training for all early childhood education professionals”.

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The promises made to the UNAF

Finally, on April 6, Emmanuel Macron wrote to associations representing families (UNAF, URAF, UDAF) to draw their attention to the results of his five-year term and to the projects to be implemented in the event of his re-election to power to secure and duty do more.
Here are the main suggestions he made:
– Further support of foster families through supervision, practice analysis, training, family therapy etc. Recruit foster parents and raise the profile of foster parents. Maintain a homestay file with background checks for permits in other departments.
– Creation of a national wage guarantee fund for childminders financed by CAF.
– Organize mandatory training for all professionals who come into contact with minors, including within the national education system, on sexual violence, its consequences, how to identify it and on reporting procedures, legal procedures and abuse investigations
– Protect professional whistleblowers from pressure, disciplinary action and lawsuits for defamation.

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Marine Le Pen: a full tax break for the second child and an interest-free public loan for ten years
National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen proposes 22 actions for 2022, including “Support for French Families”. One of the 9 thematic booklets developing her program is dedicated to the family, which she wants to put at the heart of her presidency project “Returning the family to a pillar of the nation”. Last February, she said “I am fully aware of the deterioration in the living conditions of families in our country, thanks in particular to the conversations I have had with them over the past five years. The support of the family is essential, it is the basic unit of society. (…) I want to push through a pro-natalist policy. » However, in her program she does not mention early childhood, her proposals for the family focus on the introduction of a pro-natalist policy for France, family taxation, the reorganization of family assistance and the major societal issues (PMA, GPA, euthanasia, etc.). Marine Le Pen also didn’t want to take part in the Early Childhood Spring on March 21, which is co-organized by the Early Childhood Pros. Nevertheless, representatives of six candidates came to answer questions from industry experts. Many questions about his vision of early childhood therefore remain in the dark.

However, here are the most important measures:

• Provide family allowances and family policy bonuses for families in which at least one parent is French in order to strengthen “national families” and consolidate “the national community” (proposal approved by the French in a referendum) . Of particular note are the significant savings
dedicated to enhancing the aid that nationals benefit from.

• Introduction of a full tax share (compared to the current half share) for the second child, to provide financial support to the French who wish to enlarge their families and to fearlessly consider an ambitious family project needed to increase the birth rate.

• Introduction of an interest-free public loan of up to 100,000 euros over ten years, which will complement any mortgage taken out by couples with a bank whose average age is less than 30 years and where at least one of the two partners is
French. And to support family projects, the remaining capital is converted into a donation when the third child is born.

• Double the family allowance (ASF) for single French parents to €230. This allowance is reserved for French families. At the same time, controls are strengthened to limit any risk of abuse or fraud.

• Marine Le Pen commits to a three-year moratorium on societal issues (PMA, GPA, euthanasia, abortion, etc.). The only way to open debates on these issues is through a citizens’ initiative referendum. The ban on surrogacy (GPA) is being tightened to avoid circumventing the law through recourse to foreign channels, and the lineage of children born abroad through surrogacy will not be recognized.

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