the disintegration of families in the Haute-Garonne after a roof collapse

The roof of a house in Aucamville near Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) collapsed on March 26, leaving about twenty families on the streets. Local residents are worried.

Saturday, March 26 around 3:00 p.m., “we heard a big bang. And crackles“. so big”Boom” described by residents of a condominium in Aucamville (Haute-Garonne) comes from the scaffolding of the roof that collapsed, destroying several homes. “I didn’t understand anything, it all came suddenly, I thought someone had fallen off the roof‘ said Marine Lacombe.

This mother bought a plot of land in this residence a year and a half ago. On Saturday afternoon, March 26, 2022, she was at home with her companion and their two young children. If the family was able to find shelter with relatives, their home is one of the hardest hit by the collapse. “The terrace is completely destroyed. We’re on the road“.

About fifty other residents had to go like them. On Monday, the Aucamville Municipality issued an executive order on the building’s security, barring residents from entering their homes.For safety reasons“. “The occupants of the building must be evacuated immediately“, specified the town hall in its decree published on Monday.

This co-owner is one of the victims. A property buyer in August 2021, he took out a mortgage to purchase that property and now feels he lost everything during the collapse. “It’s a real disaster“.

The relocation uncertainty also hovers over the affected co-owners. When the Aucamville Municipality has offered to cover three nights at the hotel and home insurance companies will cover five more at their expense, the families are looking for a long-term solution.

We do not assume that there was a hidden defect

Olivier Peries, co-owner

The financial situation is particularly complicated for Marine Lacombe. Mother of two, including a toddler, feels abandoned. “We wonder where we will end up. We have credit, we are in debt up to our necks, we can’t get out of it if we have to pay 1,300 euros rent in the surrounding area“.

Exhausted “physically, morally and mentally“, the co-owners unanimously denounced the silence of the syndic of the co-ownership. “He didn’t even move when the fire department intervened‘ criticizes Olivier Peries. “Had to wait until Monday‘ says this caregiver. On sick leave from a nervous breakdown since the structure collapsed, he judges himself to be abandoned. “We don’t think it’s a hidden defect, but we do know it’s not wind related. It may be a manufacturing defect, but we don’t want to get wet‘ he tries desperately.

The owner of the attic, the syndic of co-ownership, is the only actor who can intervene at the scene of the disaster. Contacted about looking after co-owners in Aucamville, the community has yet to respond to our inquiries. Waiting for, “rain is forecast tonight. Our houses become sponges‘ concludes Olivier Peries.

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