The D’Amours family was featured in a maxi advertising campaign

COMPTON. Compton area pig farmers star in an ad campaign alongside comedian Martin Matte and singer Charlotte Cardin. The aim of the campaign, commissioned by the supermarket chain Maxi, is to highlight the quality of Quebec meat.

In late December, the Fédération des éleveurs de porcs du Québec called on its members to recruit a family to participate in a province-wide marketing project. “We were asked to make a short video of about twenty seconds to introduce ourselves,” says Ève St-James. We did it casually, the day after vacation. The end result represented our daily lives without too much fuss. We’re not used to that, the camera. There must have been better people than us, but the agency that chose us loved our spontaneity. After all, it was what she was looking for. »

The campaign writers also delighted in the clan’s last name, offering a pun to the campaign: “We love our producers.”

For those wondering, the pictures were taken in mid-February, not in Compton on the family farm, but in Oka to house the technical team. “The recording conditions were still difficult,” recalls Ms. St-James. It was -15 degrees and very windy on the hill. We arrived at 5am and were ready by 3pm. Although we had never done this in our lives, everyone was super nice to us. Martin [Matte] quickly calmed us down by cracking jokes. It was very nice. »

On the screen we see Ève, the mother, her spouse Guillaume D’Amours and their little son Simon aged five. For the role of the little girl who answers the comedian, we chose a young actress. The other member of the D’Amours family, Jessie, 2, was too small to take part in the filming. “It was really a great experience for us and our son. And we got to see what’s going on behind the camera. There were about forty technicians still working on it. It was impressive. »

Apparently, the up-and-coming actors approve of the campaign’s message. “We have to learn to put more Quebec products on our plates. It’s sure to get me,” says the producer.


Guillaume D’Amours and Ève St-James, owners of Porcheries RG D’Amours on Cochrane Road in Compton, have been at the helm of this family business for several years. “The pigsty renovation projects were complete at the time of purchase, which means our assets are optimized to the maximum. However, we are looking for specific avenues for our development outside of pork production. »

We are talking about a new sugar bush or farming in the fields. “I even filled out several files to get laying hen quotas. There is no shortage of projects,” says Ms St-James proudly.

Les Porcheries RG D’Amours receives pigs both in rearing and in fattening, the last phase before slaughter.

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