The daily life of an Ariège family soon on TF1, in “Extended families: living in XXL”

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The Boibessots, residents of Mazères, were filmed for the TF1 program “Extended families: life in XXL”. They tell their experience.

A proverb says: “If you love, you don’t count”. Audrey and Hervé Boibessot are among those couples who love each other and never intended to count. With six children and soon a seventh, they belong to the XXL families. The Boibessot family, contacted by the TF1 channel, will also appear in the program “Extended families: life in XXL” (100 unreleased episodes) from Wednesday March 23.

Hervé and Audrey have distant family and even abroad and regularly take to social networks to share their family photos. A casting agency discovered her that way. What touched her: Having children close by and choosing to start a family business “In the Name of the Father” in Mazères. This proves that it is possible to work as a couple and take care of your own children.

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After much thought, Audrey and Hervé decided it would be an amazing experience and a great adventure for their children. They also appreciated the opportunity to see each other in the videos together. Normally, he always misses “the one holding the camera”, specifies Hervé. Something to keep a wonderful memory.

“If our participation on the show can change people’s looks and sometimes inappropriate thoughts, then we’ve won it all. »

Did they become actors in passing the emission? “Not at all,” Audrey and Hervé reply. This show is a documentary reality. We are free, nothing is imposed, the only instruction is not to look at the camera. »

Filming began in October 2021 and the family will decide with the broadcaster in April whether or not to continue the adventure. When the broadcast didn’t start, Mazèriens saw the cameras. “That made a lot of people curious. What’s very funny is that when people find out I’m having my seventh child, they say I should do the show (smiles). »

When will the episodes air and are they afraid of criticism? “I’m discreet and fragile,” explains Audrey. I know the revelation not only draws compliments, but we think the experience is interesting, especially for changing how people view large families. I hope it will change mentalities. Having a big family is a choice for us and a childhood dream for me that I share with my husband. Adds Hervé, “If our participation in the show can change the way people look and sometimes inappropriate thoughts, then we’ve won it all.” »

“Extended Families: Living in XXL”, Monday to Friday, 5.30 p.m., on TF1.

First broadcast Wednesday 23.

First broadcast Wednesday 23.
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Seventh child soon. Is the eighth planned?
“Our children are never too planned: when they arrive, they arrive. But if I don’t have any more tomorrow, I’m not frustrated, and if life gives me others, that’s a gift for me. As practicing Catholics, we are coming to the end of our philosophy. »

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