The College Croix-d’Argent in Montpellier closed this Thursday afternoon due to staff shortages

The staff at the College Croix-d’Argent in Montpellier have been protesting their staff shortages for some time. On this Thursday afternoon they made use of their right of withdrawal. The facility has closed. The students returned home. Not sure if the college will reopen this Friday.

In recent months, the staff at the College Croix-d’Argent in Montpellier have stepped up their efforts to fill the staff shortage. The two CPE (Senior Education Advisor) as well as the entire AED team (Educational Assistant) are on sick leave. With School Life unable to manage the facility, the teachers were unable to compensate: the college had to close its doors for the afternoon.

The university staff, who went on strike in large numbers in January, are protesting the inadequacy of the DHG (global hourly allocation), ie the number of teaching hours that the academic authorities allocate to the institution. A delegation of teachers and school parents had already visited the Rectorate on February 10; They returned there that Thursday afternoon after the college closed.

The increase in student numbers is offset by staff cuts

The entire educational team regrets that the number of students increases every year, while the number of staff stagnates or even decreases. About a decade ago, the Collège Croix-d’Argent accepted 500 students, today it has 810. Classes consisted of 30 students when they were in their 20s, according to the Press release.

Jean-Baptiste Vincensini, staff representative and history and geography teacher at the college, testified to the situation. “affects the entire educational community”. According to him, this is the solution “in the long term an increase in the number of students in school life”. In the immediate future he primarily asks “the replacement of our CPE colleagues”. Typically, the college requires more resources from National Education.

According to the staff representative, the team feels overwhelmed by the cancellation of the two additional supervisor positions that have been requested since last year. AESH positions to which students with disabilities are entitled were also rejected.

The rector’s answer

At the end of the day this Thursday, the rectorate spoke about its deputy head of the communication department, Elodie Jamet. In particular, she explains that the two-week CPEs cannot be replaced. She specifies: “All AEDs are on sick leave. In an emergency and as an immediate reaction, 2 AEDs arrived this morning (Thursday, editor’s note), a third should arrive in the afternoon.” Regarding the closure of the college, the rectorate reminds that “the right of withdrawal will be exercised if a event creates a serious and imminent danger to personnel”. Would the closure therefore be unjustified? A “hearing” with staff is scheduled for April 19.

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