The CHRO management responds to the Pithiviers family who urgently transported their baby to Orléans

On April 4th, we recalled the story that parents from Ascoux near Pithiviers had experienced with their baby a few days earlier. When they saw that their son, just over two months old, “wasn’t responding to stimulation, wasn’t waking up,” they called 15.

At the end of the line, they were advised to leave in the emergency room of Pithiviers. what they had done. Your child was not examined by the caregivers. He had advised them to drive their vehicle to another hospital. The couple had eventually made their way down the path to affiliate with the Regional Hospital Center of Orleans.

“An Adjusted Response” by the Samu

Alerted to this experience by the family man, the Orleans Regional Hospital Center (CHRO), on which Pithiviers Hospital depends, analyzed “this file.” The department heads concerned have been asked to provide a response to the care being provided at both the Samu ER and the Pithiviers ER.

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CHRO management emphasizes that the answer given by the doctor in charge of Samu 45 to the parents was “adapted”. The child’s condition was classified as non-serious justified that a reinsurance medical report could be presented to the parents and the emergency room of the CHP was closest to the apartment and could be reached as part of a family transportvalidated with parents.”

The management emphasizes this clearly: “The emergency rooms of the Pithiviers hospital center have the competence to assess and assess the state of health of young children without age limits refer them to a facility with a pediatric service if they require hospitalization.

“A handy tip for professionals”

Management asserts that the rise of this story prompted “a reminder of the practice for all medical and paramedical professionals”: all patients, regardless of age, presenting to the emergency department must be systematically recorded andan assessment noted in the nursing record. Any reorientation must be validated by the doctor. “

Aurélie Richard

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