The Children’s Revolt, Putain de Camion, Mercy and Misery… the cultural choices of Bénédicte Oudinet

With a degree in history and a university diploma in book trade technology, Bénédicte Oudinet came from Chambéry to set up a bookshop, the Pages du Donjon, in Bourges. Now in the middle of France, whoever was previously employed can no longer walk too much in the mountains… She reveals her cultural choices.

movies. “The children’s revolt shaped me and especially the music of René Aubry, I even danced to it in a show. The dance teacher lent us the VHS, now I have it on DVD. In the film, Robinson Stévenin is imprisoned on an island in Brittany. A countess watches them. I was twelve years old when I saw it and it really touched me.

I remember seeing Point Break as a band with Patrick Swayze or Rasta Rocket. Europe is More Serious, an auteur film by Agnieszka Holland, about a Jewish child during World War II. The movie character Erin Brockovich has been a perfect match for my character since I was a child. Always rebelling against injustice, hatred. Well, I don’t go to the movies anymore, I watch DVDs at home. I loved Les Petits Mouchoirs by Guillaume Canet as well as Tell No One by the same director or even the excellent Truman Show and the Children of the Marais and finally Holy Hola by Bertrand Tavernier with Jacques Gamblin and Isabelle Carré. »

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“I loved having stories read to me”

slices. “I discovered French song with Renaud. At 8, his dedication, his rudeness. When we went on vacation, Putain de Camion was sung loudly. Then I turned to the lyrics. It was the gateway to French song.

From there my tastes went to Eiffel, HK, dedicated artists. When I was younger I was Brassens or Boby Lapointe. I’ve heard a lot of blankass. Our son Timeo, 9 years old, listens to Vianney and I like the song Beau Papa. Otherwise world music, reggae and above all Rabih Abou-Khalil, who offers a mixture of original Indian and Arabic music. Lo’jo, Inna von Yard too. I remember two concerts at the Confort Moderne in Poitiers with Alela Diane and the Norwegian blues singer Bjørn Berge, but also those of Charlie Winston, Cat On Trees, Van Morrison. »

” I remember grace and misery by Alice Ferney. As a child I loved having stories read to me, but between the ages of 7 and 20 I wasn’t reading. The writing or the life of Jorge Semprun has affected me deeply. I will not die Guillaume Guéraud is very poverty oriented and a teenager angered by hatred around him. In children’s literature there is also Vango by Thimothée de Fombelle. How to stop time, by Matt Haig, a philosophical thriller about a man who ages less quickly than others and has gone through wars and times in search of his daughter. The Little Queens by Clémentine Beauvais, full of humor with a touch of wickedness. Or even Kim Liggett’s Year of Grace, also a feminist holy crush. Finally Albertine and Germano Zullo’s birds, of such vivid beauty. »

Work. “I think of the Maeght Foundation. I first went there when I was 10 and have returned twice. I discovered Calder’s Stabiles, Modigliani’s sculptures. There are also temporary exhibitions. »

fetish object. “This is a Swiss army knife that my aunt gave me when I was 15. It serves me for everything and it allows for socializing or mutual help. I never forget. »

François Lesbre

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